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Chenard, Theriault | St. Joachim, Bertrand, N.B.

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Headstone:  CHENARD   |  St. Joachim, Bertrand  | New Brunswick Cemeteries

Phileas Theriault

1857  –  1952

Lucille Chenard

1861  –  1951

Note: Philias was the son of Joseph Theriault and Phoebee Boudrot (Boudreau) while Lucille’s parents were Michel Chenard and Clotilde Lapierre. Lucille had at least three siblings (Luce, Guillaume and Joseph) while Philias had 8 (Isaie, Romain, Gervais, Priscille, Rose, Monique, Onesime and Christine). Philias and Lucille had 13 children that I know of: Michel, Clotilde Helene, Gustave, Ursule, Louise, Josep Marie Richard, Aime, Christine Rose, Lucille Lauza, Philias, Romeo, Elizabeth and Josephine.

My shared ancestors in this line: Victor Theriault and Julie Thibodeau.


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