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Boudreau, Theriault | St. Joachim, Bertrand, N.B.

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Headstone:  THERIAULT   |  St. Joachim, Bertrand  | New Brunswick Cemeteries

A La Memoire De

Augustin Theriault

Epoux de

Theotiste Boudreau

Decede le 15 mai 1924 age de

86 ans 8 mois

Augustin Theriault and Theotiste Boudreau were married in 1858 in Caraquet (Gloucester, New Brunswick). Their children included: Jean Baptiste, Angele, Theotime, Sylvain, Helene, Martin, Philomene, Joseph and Majorique. Augustin’s parents were Edouard Theriault and Marie Dugas.

Note: Our Theriault lines join at Joseph Theriault and Marguerite Melanson who were married in the early 1700s in Acadie.


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