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Bathurst N.B. Genealogy | New Holy Family Cemetery

Marielle Luce

August 1950 – October 1951


Lawrence Luce

Dora Godin



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  1. Lawrence Luce was the brother of Alden Luce, who’s gravestone you also have a picture of. He was one of 17 offspring of John Luce, the first twelve with Emilie Chaisson. After she passed away, he married Eugenie Imbeault, and had five more children (of whom my mother, Simonne Luce Clement, is one).

    Lawrence’s son, Alden Luce, still lives in Bathurst and has done a lot of work on the family’s geneology, continuing the work of John Luce’s brother, Wilfred Luce, who completed the first family geneology in the 1980s.


    Comment by A. Clement | December 12, 2014 | Reply

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