A Canadian Family

Natives, French Canadians & Acadians

Index: Headstones of St.Augustin Roman Catholic Cemetery | (Paquetville, Gloucester, N.B.)

Paquetville, New Brunswick (Founding Families)

Brideau, Alphonse

Cormier, Beatrice

Gauvin, Annie

Godin, Monique

Hache Christine

Landry, Dassise

Pinet, Dosithe

Pinet, Marie Louise

Theriault, Aime

Theriault, Amedee A.

Theriault, Azade

Theriault, Cecile

Theriault, Dina

Theriault, Genevieve

Theriault, Joseph

Theriault, Lucile

Theriault, Marianne

Theriault, Monique H.

Theriault, Odile

Theriault, Odilon

Theriault, Olisine

Theriault, Raphael

Theriault, Romain

Theriault, Theophile

Theriault, Sylvestre


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Index: Quebec & New Brunswick Cemeteries

Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy and History

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