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A Canadian Family Through The Generations: Our Legers (2)

Generation 2

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne “dite Tourangeau” Amirault

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne Amirault were both born in Port Royal, Acadia – Jacques in 1698 and Anne in 1691. They were also married there on January 12th, 1717. Anne was the daughter of Francois “dit Tourangeau” (from Tours, France) Amirault and Marie Pitre, and Acadian. Anne gave birth to 13 children . They were Armand, Anne, Elizabeth, Francois,  Francoise, Jacques Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph “dit Fluzan” Marie (1), Marie (2), Olivier, Paul, Pierre, Simon.

Their son Joseph “dit Fluzan” Leger is our direct ancestor. He married Claire Leblanc, daughter of Rene Jean Leblanc and Anne Theriault, on June 4th, 1744 in Beaubassin, Acadie (later Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia). Joseph and Claire had 7 known children – 6 of whom survived to adulthood and married.


Jacques Pierre and Anne had 5 other sons who married and had children: Jean Baptiste, Jacques Pierre, Paul, Pierre and Olivier. Jean Baptiste Leger married Cecile Poirier (daughter of Jean Baptiste Poirier & Marie Cormier) on April 26th, 1774 in Louisiana (USA). Jacques Pierre married Agathe Breau (daughter of Pierre Breau & Anne Leblanc) in Les Mines, Acadie in 1752. After her death he took a second wife Marie Madeleine Hache (dit Gallant) in Restigouche (1760). She was the daughter of Michel Hache and Marie Anne Gravois.  Their third married son was Paul Leger who married Marie Josephe Savoie in Acadie in 1752. Her parents were Paul Savoie and Judith MichelPierre Leger was another son. He first wife  Marguerite Grosvalet (whom he married in 1751) was the daughter of Francois Grosvalet and Angelique Mius. His second wife wife Nathalie Breau was the daughter of Pierre Breau and Anne Francoise Dupuis. Pierre and Nathalie were married after the death of his first wife Marguerite. The last of their married sons were Olivier Leger and Marie Josephte Hebert (daughter of Jean Hebert & Isabelle Bourque). They were married in Acadie in 1757. Olivier also had a second wife – Helen Poirier.


Jacques Pierre and Anne also had three daughters who survived to adulthood and had offspring. The first – Marie  Leger(1) married Joseph Vincent Brun (son of Claude Brun & Cecile Dugas) around 1737 in Port Royal. After Brun’s death she married Michel Sauvage. The second surviving daughter – Anne Leger – married Louis Allain (son of Pierre Allain & Marguerite Leblanc) on June 24th, 1748 in Beaubassin (Acadie). Their third daughter – Marie Leger(2) married Michel Bourgeois in 1760. His parents were Pierre Bourgeois and Marie Francoise Cormier.



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