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Paulie “Cat” Lagasse – New Canadian Flash! (3/3)

Vintage Boxing Poster | 1930s | Boxing HistoryNew Canadian Flash!

Paulie “Cat” Lagasse

The Fans Know Him


Never On The Floor!

Has fought such battlers as Jerry Mazza, Al Casimino, Ernie Robinson, Al Wells, Artie Murphy, Arthur Primrose, the Canadian Crack; Harry Oberman, Jimmie Barnholly, Bernie Vulgur, Young Laske, Benny Arrows, Sol Uba, Caspar La Rosa, Harry Tedasco, Jack Morant, Al King.

Anxious To Meet Any And All Lightweights


A Natural Fighter

Always aggressive – always a favourite with the crowds

Managed by

Barney Downes and Jim Burns

Baldwin, Long Island Telephones Freeport 687, 1671R


Let’s Put Some Meat On The Bones! Paulie “Cat” Lagasse

Paulie “Cat” Lagasse – Slideshow

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