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Canadian Family Postcards Featured In The Eastern Door!

Here’s a big thank you to journalist Brittany LeBorgne for featuring the Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection in a half page spread this week in Kahnawake’s Eastern Door. Let’s hope LeBorgne’s article inspires still more family historians to hunt through their closets and attics for those little paper treasures!


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Evelyn In Montreal: Godard m. Delisle – Espanola, Ontario

Rene Godard

son of Samuel Godard and Frezilda Guerin Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Entertainers – The “Wild West”, Vaudeville And Hollywood Years

Caughnawaga | Kahnawake | Indian Museum | sideshowThere’s a great book  at the Chateauguay Library called “Kahnawake: A Mohawk look at Canada”  by Johnny Beauvais (ISBN 0-1234-567-8, 1985) which gives much insight into how the significance of the Chief Poking Fire Museum in Caughnawaga, and the place of Kahnawake in the entertainment industry (among many other subjects). Continue reading

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William Smith, son of Louis Smith – Caughnawaga Entertainer

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to a new guest author – American family historian Melody Morgan.  As you will read below, Melody has a connection to Kahnawake through her beloved step-father William Smith, son of Mohawk entertainer – Louis Smith. She spins her tale below, and ends with a request for anyone with information about this family to contact her. You can do so by leaving a message in the comment box below, and I will send you her email information. Thanks! Continue reading

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