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Who Was Caughnawaga Shoemaker Aurele Beaulieu?

And who’s this little girl?

Well, if you were living in Caughnawaga in the late ’40s then you would have known her as Marie Therese Varin, but today she goes by the name Nedra (Broden) Rich – and Nedra is on an important quest. Please read her story below and see if you can help us  uncover some hidden parts of her past – a past which connects with  that of Aurele Beaulieu of Caughnawaga.

Marie Therese’s story begins in 1947 when she was born (probably at home in Caughnawaga) to Aurele Beaulieu and Marie Aurore Rolande Varin. She lived in Caughnawaga from 1947 to 1950 along with her brother Joseph Willie Henri Beaulieu.

However, the Beaulieu home was not just a home; it was also the location of Aurele Beaulieu‘s shoemaking business.

Another piece of information is that the Beaulieu family had  friends in Kahnawake which included an Ida Dubo and Rose (?).

At a certain point, this little girl’s parents were separated and she moved with her mother and brother into  the home of  Alphonce L’Esperance and Alize MacSween. The L’Esperance family had been living  in Caughnawaga  for about 10 years.

Sadly, with Aurele Beaulieu out of the picture, Marie Aurore Rollande Varin found herself unable to care for her children. As a result, Marie Therese and Willie Henri were both brought to the Creche Youville. Adoptive families were quickly found for both children – separately. Marie Therese’s adoptive parents were the now deceased Martin Francis Broden (Mtl) and Anne Marie Goguen of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Marie Therese’s brother Willi Henrie Beaulieu died by drowning at the age of 20 while trying to save the life of a six year old girl. Their mother Marie Aurore Rolande Varin died of cancer  in 2005.

So what is Marie Therese/Nedra looking for?

Nedra (who now lives in sunny Florida) has made contact with members of the L’Esperance family and feels so lucky that she now has some extra information and these precious pictures above of her biological mother and brother.

What she’s still looking for now is more information – no matter how small – about her presumed biological father Aurele Beaulieu.

Are you …..

– a Kahnawake resident who remembers or has heard about this Beaulieu shoe shop or family?

– a relative or descendant of Aurele Beaulieu with family information?

– someone who can confirm whether Aurele was related

to the Caughnawaga Meloche/Beaulieus?


**   New information below from Raymond Cantin.  **

Discussion en francais –




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  1. To Dorothy Madge Lewis, What do you know about Aurele Beaulieu? I am the girl in the article. Perhaps we can share some info. Thank you. Nedra


    Comment by Nedra Rich | August 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. BMS2000 v.15 ID : 3648078 Cote : 9 Responsable : SHGS
    Rôle Nom Prénom
    Enfant BEAULIEU Henri
    Père Beaulieu Auréle
    Mère Varin Rollande
    Parrain Tremblay Lucien
    Marraine Jacob Yolande
    Sexe Naissance Baptême
    M 1948-07-03 1948-07-11
    Paroisse Localité Comté Province Pays
    St-Eugène Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Beauharnois QC Canada


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  3. BMS2000 v.15 ID : 322769 Cote : 9 Responsable : LAUR
    Rôle Nom Prénom Feu(e)
    Époux PROULX Herve
    Père Proulx Anthime
    Mère Grandmaison Ernestine
    Ex-conjointe – –

    Épouse VARIN Yolande
    Père Varin Eustache
    Mère Morin Albina
    Ex-conjoint – –
    Paroisse Localité Comté Province Pays
    L’Annonciation Oka Deux-Montagnes QC Canada
    Date Notes


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  4. Merci, Raymond!


    Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  5. Yolande est decedee le 12 mai 1996 a Mirabel,QC


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 25, 2012 | Reply

    # référence: 55,3407 Année de référence: 1910 Père: PIERRE ARSENE BEAULIEU-MARTIN

    Naissance: DEC 1910,

    Gedcom de Beaulieu, Georges-H. (55): Les grandes familles Beaulieu (04-2011)

    1 Date de mariage: 27 APR 1935 Lieu: VALLEYFIELD, QC
    DOROTHY HARRIS (femme)
    # référence: 55,32777 Année de référence: 0


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 28, 2012 | Reply

    1914-05-05 61
    ANJOU 1975-06-28 75-124397


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 28, 2012 | Reply

  8. death:

    M 1914-05-05 071
    1986-03-31 H1J2G4 ANJOU


    Comment by Raymond Cantin | February 28, 2012 | Reply

  9. Does anyone out there remember my father, Aurele Beaulieu, he was a shoemaker / leather maker for animal collars and leather goods. He worked from his home in Caughnawaga / Kahnawaki. Please ask your elders / grandparents that live with you. It would have been from about 1946–1950’s. He lived with my mother Rolande Varin and their three children.
    A reply would be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely, Mrs, Rich / Marie Therese Varin


    Comment by Nedra Rich / Marie Therese Varin | August 31, 2015 | Reply

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