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Fred Legace & Margaret Stuart | Narcisse Legace & Marie Doucet

A message from Leo Lagacey –

Hi,  I am trying to find a Great Grandfather of my brother in law “Alvin Legace” father Vincent Legace b 1913,mother Leona Simoneau, b1925 grand parents Fred Legace & Margaret Stuart, great grand parents Narcisse (Legace & Marie Doucet) for whom I cannot find any information The only way I know they are the great grandparents is the marriage certificate shows them as parents of Fred Legacy. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

On this certificate the mother is identified as Louise Doucet. I presume she was called  Marie Louise Doucet.


This might be the couple you are looking for:

NAME: Narcisse Legassie
SPOUSE: Louisa Doucett
MARRIAGE: 1832-1860 – Gloucester, Comté (Bureau de Santé de Bathurst), Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)

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  1. Frederic Lagace and Marguerite Stuart are my great-grand parents … You can check their lineage in my family tree at http://gw.geneanet.org/haches_w?lang=fr&pz=steve&nz=hache&ocz=0&p=frederic&n=lagace&type=fiche


    Comment by Steve | February 10, 2017 | Reply

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