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The Desmarchais Family of Blvd. Demarchais (Verdun, Quebec) | Pt. 2

This is a follow-up to the Desmarchais Family post in which we have been looking at the ancestors of Don Desmarchais in order to determine whether he is related to the Desmarchais family who gave up the farmland which is now covered by Desmarchais Blvd. and Parc Desmarchais in Verdun, Quebec.

1. General Note

Don descends from the Durand/Desmarchais. The founders of this line were Pierre Durand/Desmarchais and Jeanne Chartier who were married in 1673 in Quebec. Like so many others, Pierre came to Quebec as a soldier in the Carignan-Salieres regiment  [Source: Fichier Origine, Michel Langlois]

2. Genealogical Notes

Joseph Durand-Desmarchais (son of Joseph Durand-Desmarchais and Marguerite Poirier) married Tharsile Latour (daughter of Francois Latour and Marie-Marguerite Sedilot-Monreuil) on April 23rd, 1848 in St-Laurent (Montreal, Quebec).

Joseph-Zephirin Durand-Demarchais was born (and baptised) on October 28th, 1866 in N.D.G. (Montreal, Quebec). The godparents were Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin and Emma Desmarchais. [Source: BMS2000]

Another son Joseph Napoleon Clodomir was born  on December 29th, 1868. His baptism is recorded for the same day with witnesses Joseph Desmarchais and Marie-Delisca Durand-Demarchais present. [Source: BMS 2000]

A daughter – Marie Louise Victoria was born on May 10th in 1870 and baptised the day after in Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal. Witnesses were Francois Desmarchais and Charlotte Leduc.[Source: BMS 2000]

A son Joseph Ignace Aurelien Desmarchais was born on July 18th, 1872 and baptised the day after in Notre-Dame-de-Grace parish in Montreal. Witnesses were Paul Desmarchais and Marie-Louise Leduc.

Zepherin Durand-Desmarchais (son of Joseph Durand-Desmarchais & Tharsile Latour) married Mary-Elisabeth Ballou (sic Ballon) (daughter of Myran Ballou (sic Ballon) & Elvina-Adelaide Stephenson) on July 2nd, 1888 in Notre-Dame Parish in Montreal, Quebec. At the time of the marriage Zepherin and Mary-Elisabeth’s fathers were both deceased. [Source: Notre Dame parish records] Zephir and Mary-Elisabeth had at least three children: Elva, Harry and Walter and lived in Verdun, Quebec  [Source: CDN Census 1901,1911]

Their son Walter married Ethel Canagher at St-Clement Anglican church in Verdun, Quebec on   1917  [Source: Anglican Archives] He died one year later on October 23rd,  1918. His mother and sister Elva were witnesses. John Currie officiated. [Source:Registers Presbyterian Church]

Another son Harry Demarchais married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Martin in the St-Clement Anglican church in Verdun Quebec on July 17th, 1913 in Montreal, Quebec. [Source: St-Clement parish registers]

3. Demarchais Families in Lovell’s Directories

Lovell’s Directory – Montreal, 1894

Lovell’s Directory – Montreal, 1901

Lovell’s Directory – Montreal, 1915



Note: See interesting comment below by a descendant Christina Hall-Davis 🙂



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  1. this is so interesting, my maiden name was De Marshall. My grandfather’;s name was Arthur Desmarchais and changed it when he migrated to the United States from Canada. I’m not sure what year.


    Comment by Annmarie Burtnick | March 16, 2015 | Reply

    • I also have a great great grandmother maiden name Marie Louise Leduc. I have a burial certificate from my great great grandfather and he is buried in Notre Dame cemetery in Montreal. His wife (my great great grandmother maiden name was Marie Louise Leduc


      Comment by Annmarie Burtnick | July 5, 2015 | Reply

  2. Oh my heavens, The name Leduc is on my great grandfather death certificate and was his wife, her name was Marie Louise LeDuc


    Comment by Annmarie Burtnick | April 27, 2015 | Reply

  3. Harry Desmarchais was my great-grandfather. I do see an error in the above research. Zephirin Desmarchais married Mary Elizabeth BALLOU, not Ballon. The Ballou’s came to Canada in 1876 after the devastating flood that destroyed Williamsburg, Massachusetts.


    Comment by Christina Hall-Davis | August 30, 2019 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment Christina – and the added note about Williamsburg. I’ve modified the post and added a note directing readers to your comment.
      If there’s anything else you’d like added please drop me a line.


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | September 1, 2019 | Reply

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