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Reader Query: Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais

This request for information was left by Douglas and I’m looking forward to working with him however I thought  I would also share his request with readers in case someone can help. If you prefer to contact him directly, please send me your contact information and I’ll forward it to him!

Kindly I am seeking the parentage of Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais (1870/1872-1913) to “push the lineage back  but no, I am not related to anyone (that I know of) within the Kahnawa:ke Community. This is mostly to satisfy my own genealogical itch.

I see his death record, and his marriage record, but MY eyes are either failing me miserably or else the ancestry.com viewer of documents is not-as-great as they say it is. Or else they scanned the records poorly. He was allegedly born April 20, 1870 or 1872 and married Nov 04 1890 per the  Ste. Francois Xavier du Sault St. Louis, Caughnawaga (Kahnawa:ke) Mohawk Community, Quebec, Canada Church to Marie Ioriwiioston Kelly. He was a “Hiawatha” Indian actor. Sose died on March 4-5-6 (?), 1913.

I am NOT related to him, nor a Mohawk descendant (that I know of). I am merely trying to photographically collect his images (ebay and so on) and match up the actors therein, genealogically speaking. I think Sose has a brother Louis Kenwenteshon Beauvais who maried to Mary Maloney (an Irish gal from Ohio).

Anyway, sadly I can make out the parents in the Church Record(s) 1890 Marriage record digitally and I am simply trying to genealogically ‘push’ the lineage back generational from Sose Akwiranoron back a few generations. Mohawk names. I’ve pretty much figured out his wife’s lineage. Conway Jocks was a grandson I think. Back in 2002 we’d spoken to one another but he was busy writing a book regarding his community of Kahnawa:ke. Hope someone out there can help put this little project to completion.

Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais seems to be related to Thomas Thanenrishon Williams (a.k.a. as Scar-Face) because Thomas’ mother was Margaret Kanonsakahenhion Beauvais born ca. 1833 who married to Louis S. Orakwenton Williams, but again I am sadly unable to figure out the genealogical connection(s) between Marguerite (Beauvais) Williams and Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais. I would LOVE to take the linage back to Andre Karhaton Beauvais and Marie Anne Kahenratas.

Wonderful website. Please contact me privately.

Also I have been collecting postcard (EARLY 1900′s) of the Hiawatha Plays in which the Kahnawa:ke Mohawks were in working in, on both sides of the BIG POND. Usually Sose is in them. This genealogical itch started with MY family having an apparently Alfred S. Campbell photograph of Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais. (Of course, there was NO name, no Art Studio label at all on the duplicate print I got from CT back in the day). Its been a fleshing out, based on his regalia, his many images, and so on over the years trying to figure out who he was/is, what COMMUNITY did he come from etc, trying to prove to my relatives that this is NOT our family relations, but rather a concocted MYTH created by a descendant getting the picture, hanging it on their living room wall, or what have you, and the grandkids assuming it’s their ancestor!). They never bothered to find out the truth. I got the images, I got his community, I even got some from the Cultural Center up in Kahnawa:ke in 2005 of Sose Akwiranoron Beauvais, his wife, and younger children as they were in London (Earl’s Court); Desbarat’s Ontario; Petoskey, Michigan; and even France.

Would love to share what I have collected. But I sure would love to know who his parents and siblings were.

Nia:won / Wliwni /Merci / Thank you.

One Man’s Genealogical Hunt: Sose Akwiranoron of Caughnawaga

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  1. He is my grandfather. He came from Kahnawake. Had 22 children whom most did not survive…my grandmother marguerite did. she had 3 children….Conway, harvey and jeannine jocks. She maried Joseph Jocks….


    Comment by Lynn Beauvais | October 19, 2012 | Reply

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