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Main Street Bagotville ca. 40s/50s

As I mentioned in a post about another Bagotville postcard and the area families.  that town is now part of La Baie and is best known being the location of CFB Bagotville. I treasure every Bagotville postcard because there is very little to be found (online at least) in the way of historic images of that area.

This postcard depicts Bagotville’s Main Street in the middle of the last century. There are two stores – Roberge Department Store and a 5-10-15 cent store. I am wondering whether the owner of the Roberge Magasin a Rayons in Bagotville, is from the same family as Jean Delage Roberge of Les Boutiques San Francisco and Les Ailes de la Mode. He speaks in his biography of having worked in his grandfather’s general store and I’m wondering if it might have this one in Bagotville.

History of Bagotville and La Baie | Quebec | A Canadian Family

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