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Pointe-St-Charles (Mtl) Alexandra Hospital

History of Montreal Quebec Hospitals | Tuberculosis & infections diseases - sanatorium | Queen AlexandraI presume this hospital was named – like several others of the time –  after Canada’s Queen Alexandra. She was the Danish princess who married Queen Victoria’s son Edward and eventually became his Queen Consort. The Alexandra specialized in infectious diseases – especially tuberculosis . On a personal note, tuberculosis and polio were always my mother’s greatest fears and I remember that when I was a little girl (in the mid-50s) she would never let me go to the public pools for a swim. that was quite a burden in Montreal’s hot, steamy summers!

Interesting comment from below

“. . .  I am writing a paper on the Alexandra Hospital and can fill in a few blanks for you. When the hospital first opened it was dedicated to children (although it also treated adults) mainly measles, scarlet fever and diphtheria (croup). But it would also take various other diseases, including polio and chickenpox. They only opened a tuberculosis unit in 1948 but it closed in the 1960s (which is also when the hospital stopped taking contagious disease cases).
Finally, the “Alexandra Hospital today” is social housing not condos! The only buildings recycled from the original hospital buildings were the nurses residences and administration building.
Anyway that is just a brief note but if you want any more info let me know!  Comment by Kiley | December 9, 2015 | Edit | Reply”

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Queen Alexandra, Consort of King Edward VII, daughter of King Christian IX

Danish princess, daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark | historical imageHer Most Gracious Majesty ALEXANDRA Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia, eldest daughter of H.M. King Christian IX of Denmark, queen and Consort to H.M. King Edward VII Born 1st December, 1844. Married 10th March, 1863.

Raphael Tuck & Sons “Oilette”

Alexandra Hospital in Pointe-St-Charles

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Grand Union Hotel – Montreal, Quebec

rotunda classic Montreal hotel, turn of the century, vintage postcard

Detail of Lobby

Lovell’s Directory – 1910

Newspaper Cutting (undated)

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Eglise Ste-Flavie and the terrible fire of 1948

Ste-Flavie’s first church was built out of wood and was in use from the end of the 1840s till the 1880s, after which it was replaced by the larger stone structure that you see in the photo below. This is the church that stood until the terrible fire of 1948.

Eglise Ste-Flavie  (Mont-Joli, Bas-St-Laurent, QC) | Historic image of original church burned down in 1948


A newspaper account from  l’Avantage en ligne explains how the fire started in the Continue reading

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Beliveau, Couture, Desbois, Larocque | Grande-Riviere Cemetery (Memorial)

Beliveau, Couture, Desbois, Larocque  | Grande-Riviere Cemetery (Memorial)


Beliveau Sophronie


Couture Alphonse

Couture Alphonsine

Couture Antonio Continue reading

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Briere, Larrivee, Rioux, Martineau | Memorial to Parish Priests | Grande-Riviere Cemetery

Briere, Larrivee, Rioux, Martineau | Memorial to Parish Priests | Grande-Riviere Cemetery


CYPRIEN LARRIVEE  1843 – 1872 – 1931

ALPHONSE RIOUX 1891 – 1917 – 1918

MGR. ROLAND BRIERE 1910 – 1934 – 1999

ABBE J. E. MARTINEAU 1821 – 1850 – 1852


Note as follow-up to comment below:

Cyprien Larrivee died on September 21st, 1931 in L’Assomption-de-Note-Dame Parish in Grade-Riviere, Gaspe, Quebec at the age of 88 years old.



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