A Canadian Family

Natives, French Canadians & Acadians

Index: Grande-Riviere Cemetery (Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec)

Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine Qyebec Genealogy | Canadian Family


Beaudin, Josephat

Beaudin, Marthe

Beaudin, Walbert

Beliveau, Sophronie

Briere, Roland (Mgr.)



[Couture Alphonse, Couture Alphonsine, Couture Antonio, Couture Archil , Couture Domelthide, Couture Flora Bouley, Couture Harold, Couture Jean Bpte., Couture Jean Marie, Couture Madeleine, Couture Marie, Couture Maybel Cauvier, Couture Omer, Couture Paul Marie, Couture Persillier, Couture Rene Omer, Couture Stella, Couture Yvette]


Desbois, Thomas

Duguay, Marie

Larocque, Aimee

Larocque, Nazaire

Larocque, Omer

Larrivee, Cyprien

Martineau, J.E. (Abbe.)

McGee, Flaurestine

McGee, Suzanne

Methot, Jacques

Powell, Ida

Rioux, Alphonse


Sirois Family Memorial

[Sirois Adolphe, Sirois Alphonsine, Sirois Aime Sirois Benjamin, Sirois Catherine, Sirois Catherine Edith, Sirois Chas Ernest, Sirois Elizabeth Lebel, Sirois Emilie, Sirois Ira, Sirois Jean, Sirois Jean Marie, Sirois Jos. Arthur, Sirois Louis Donat, Sirois Louis Philippe, Sirois Majella, Sirois Maria, Sirois Wilfrid]


Stibre, Henri

Thibodeau, Philias

Vallee, Henri

Vallee, Marie Ange


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