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Eglise Ste-Flavie and the terrible fire of 1948

Ste-Flavie’s first church was built out of wood and was in use from the end of the 1840s till the 1880s, after which it was replaced by the larger stone structure that you see in the photo below. This is the church that stood until the terrible fire of 1948.

Eglise Ste-Flavie  (Mont-Joli, Bas-St-Laurent, QC) | Historic image of original church burned down in 1948


A newspaper account from  l’Avantage en ligne explains how the fire started in the basement around 6 a.m when the Sacristan was lighting the fire. He ran upstairs to inform the Cure, and parishioners who had started to arrive for 7 a.m. Mass rang the alarm and called for the Mont-Joli firefighters.

Unfortunately, due to the intense cold, the firefighters couldn’t draw water from the river, so their pumps were useless.

Excerpt: As Cure Dionne rushed to save various holy vestments and other objects  hundreds of Ste-Flavie parishioners and volunteers from Mont Joli fought desperately to save the church. As noon approached, the body and roof of the church were burning. In the afternoon everything began to give way. The most desolate moment was when the bell sank down into the ruins, as the roof collapsed.     (loose translation)

Surnames of Ste-Flavie in the census of 1911

Aimond- Anctil – Asselin – Auchue

Banville – Beaulieu – Bèlanger – Belzil – Bèrubé – Blanchette – Bouchard

Boucher – Boudreau – Bradie – Caroll – Caron – Castonguay – Caze

Charette – Chouinard – Cloutier – Coffin – Côté – Dastous – Dechêne

Délorrier – Deschêne – Desrosier – Desrosiers – Dionne

Drapeau – Dubé – Dumond – Dupont – Fournier – Francoeur

Gage – Gagné – Gagnon – Gaze – Geandron – Geaudreau

Geauselin – Geautier – Gendron – Guertin – Guimond

Labrie – Lajoie-Langlois-Larivée – Lavoie – Lebrun

Levesque – Madore – Marquis – Martel – Mignie

Morisette – Morneau – Mott – Nonette – Ouellet

Ouellete – Paquet – Paris – Pelletier – Perreault

Perron – Picard – Plante – Poulïotte – Raymond

Rioux – Ross – Rouseau – Rouselle – Roy

Ruest – Sauciers – Simon – Smith – St Amand

St Ange – St. Amand – St. Ange – St. Laurent

Tardif – Terreault – Thibault – Thibeault

Trembly – Trépanier – Verreault

Historic Quebec postcard | Waterfront Village | Early 20th century

Reverse of postcard

This postcard was mailed by someone called “Reeves” to a Mr. and Mrs. Claude Attwell in Coal Valley,Illinois – perhaps the Claude C. Attwell and Ruth E. Matson who were married in Henry County in February 16th, 1920?


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