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Feature: Le Palais des Nains | Count and Countess Nicol of Montreal’s Midgets Palace

Little People | Midgets Entertainment | Midgets HistoryLast January I published a three-part series of posts about Montreal’s ex- Midgets Palace, an entertainment venue founded by Philippe Adelard Nicole and Rose Semilida Dufresne.

What I am sharing today is a letter from Jocelyne Nicol – a collateral descendant of these Nicols (see below). Jocelyne lives in Châteauroux, France and she’s contacted me because she is trying to track down information about  photos, funiture and\or artefacts that were originally located in the Midgets Palace/Palais des Nains. If you are someone who inherited some of this, please consider contacting her. Can you imagine how much this Nicol family historian would appreciate learning more about her grandparents? You can leave a message in my comment boxes below or visit one of Jocelye’s terrific Nicole genealogy sites.

The Midgets Palace

Les Nicolle-Nicole-Nicol – Mon ancetre Olivier Nicolle Continue reading

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