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1. Auguste Mcclure (parents Olivier Mcclure and Henriette Dumas) married Elise Cote (parents Octave Cote and Celina Lajoie) on  on July 6th, 1880 in the parish of St Paul de la Croix, Riviere du Loup (Quebec, Canada).

2. Olivier Mcclure  (parents  Olivier Mcclure and Constance Cote) married Henriette Dumas (parents Chrysostome Dumas and Suzanne Cote)  on January 28th, 1845 in the parish of St Jean Baptiste in L’Isle Verte, Rivere du Loup (Quebec, Canada).


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  1. My great grandparents were Luc Cote and Geraldine McClure.. where do they fit in. My mother was the son of David Cote born in 1894 in Lisle Verte


    Comment by Bruce Baril | May 3, 2021 | Reply

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