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January 4, 2012 - Posted by | .


  1. Love your site! I am a descendant of the d’Auteuil family and am happy to share information with you.
    I have our family tree from 1590 France to today. Denis Joseph Ruette d’Auteuil was ennobled on January 16, 1643 and was the attorney for the Soverign Council of New France from 1663-1664.


    Comment by Karen Nichols Malcolm | January 10, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hi Evelyn i have my family tree going back to 1720and i love your site i have some old pic of my grandparents born in Caughnawaga(now known as Kahnawake if you would like them i can send them to you thks for all your hard work you do Judy Rice

    Answered via email


    Comment by Judy Rice | March 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Judy – my G-G-Grandparents were David & May Rice, descendants of Silas & Marie. There’s a very good chance we’re related ! I would love to see your (& perhaps mine too !) family tree.


      Comment by Hawkeye & Rosa | March 5, 2015 | Reply

      • Hi Hawkeye @ Rosa i would love to connect with you and compare family trees their are also pic on this site of my grandparents and documents Judy Rice Toffoli


        Comment by Judy Rice Toffoli | March 6, 2015 | Reply

        • Aloha Judy ! & Nia:wen ! ! ! We greatly look forward to connecting with you, and comparing family trees. Hawk & Rosa


          Comment by Hawkeye & Rosa | March 6, 2015 | Reply

          • Hi Hawkeye @ Rosa looking forward to working with you on are family tree sending good vibs your way Judy


            Comment by Judy Rice Toffoli | March 6, 2015

          • Hi Hawkeye @ Rosa had a small tree done in Kahnawake Que in 1980 and also in 2013 i am on ancestry two my e mail is rgt1@shaw.ca Judy


            Comment by Judy Rice | September 4, 2015

          • Sha:con & Nia:wen Judy !
            Kwe “Kanien’keha:ka Cousin” ! We hope you are well. Can you send us your family tree? We would love to see it ! If you ever come to Maui, (& now you have an excuse to come !) PLEASE come by & see my “Art”, (I call it Great Sky Ancestral Art) & a wonderful FEAST ! (Rosa’s a Chef/Baker at the World Class Makena Beach & Golf Resort nearby). I will e-mail our e-mails to you. Blessings & Nia:wen ! Sincerely Kanien’keha:ka Ratetshents Hawkeye – Proud G-G-G . . . Grandson of Sachem “Great Sky” Thomas Alias AtonwaAronhiawonen,


            Comment by Rosalie Alvarado | September 4, 2015

          • Hi can you send me your e mail address Judy


            Comment by Home | September 4, 2015

          • Sha:con & Nia:wen Judy !
            To reach Rosalie & I, or Rosalie; rosa.knowledgeofg.freecuisine@gmail.com .Or just me; hawkeyegr8sky@gmail.com . Blessings & Aloha ! O:nen Sincerely your “Kanien’keha:ka Kuz” , Hawkeye


            Comment by Rosalie Alvarado | September 5, 2015

          • Hi Rosale will email you documents @ some pic


            Comment by Judy Rice | September 6, 2015

  3. Looking for a native link in my family tree, I have Laperriere/St.Jean grand parents


    Comment by Denis Cauvier | January 8, 2015 | Reply

  4. I am researching my family tree, have run into a major road block when it comes to my Grandmother and her Brother. As far as i have been told they where put in a orphanage in Quebec .The parents were William John Roberts and Emily Hardy Roberts that came from England in about 1900-1909. My uncle name was Alexander William Roberts born on Jan.14 1912 in Montreal and my Grandmother was Minnie Mary Roberts born Dec. 9 1914 in Montreal . My Mother was lead to believe they grew up in Mount Cashel orphanage in Quebec but i cant find any such place in Quebec. She was also told that the children where taken to live with a Minister by the name of Rev. William Timberlake from this church in Verdun untill 1917. I am at a total loss and would be so grateful for any help on this . Thank- you !!!


    Comment by Elizabeth Warren | February 14, 2016 | Reply

    • hi! there was a Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Hope this helps!


      Comment by linda blandford | February 18, 2016 | Reply

      • And the order was actually in charge of Labrador as well.
        I am working on this file but too busy to answer just yet.


        Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | February 18, 2016 | Reply

  5. Searching for information about my mom Betsy Evelyn Brown July 23 1932…she later married Ernest Leach and then George Martin and married again to John Thomas McLean.
    Betsy Evelyn Brown is Native Algonquin born in Montreal (Rouyn Noranda) later moved to Green Valley Ontario and then September of 1960 lived in North Burnaby British Columbia…and by August 1961 was living in Toronto Ontario.
    Please help with my search


    Comment by Andrea Martin | February 19, 2016 | Reply

  6. I am interested if anyone knew the Trottier’s in St Casmire. the last name perusse or Savague. ty


    Comment by david | February 23, 2016 | Reply

  7. Hi,

    I’m reaching out on the slim chance that you might be able to help with this (rather difficult!) research request.

    I’m writing from Toronto where I’m researching a 10-part docudrama on Canadian history for the CBC.

    One of the stories that we’re doing for our 1812-1860 episode is the construction of the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, a vast amount of whom were poor Irish immigrants.

    As our show tells history through the dramatizations of true characters’ stories, we have been searching high and low for the names of some of these workers – but we have come up empty. We’ve spoken to historians and authors who have written about the bridge’s construction but they, too, were unable to find workers’ names.

    The bridge was built between 1854-9 and there were as many as 3,000 men working on it at the peak of construction.

    Obviously many of the decedents of the workers would still live in Montreal so my hope is that, if I can at least get a few names, I could perhaps get more biographical details by contacting living relatives.

    Please let me know if you can suggest. We would really love to include the Irish worker angle in the story.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Caitriona Cantillon
    Researcher/Associate Producer
    416-533-3900 x.104


    Comment by Caitriona Cantillon | February 26, 2016 | Reply

  8. She:kon,
    My Grandfather was Louis Rice & my Great Grandfather was John Rice both born in Kahnawake (both Iron Workers). My Mother is Mary Eileen Rice born (1920-2001) I have some pics of Louis Rice & Ethel Edwards Rice. I’m wondering if we are related?
    Darlene Stanley


    Comment by Darlene Stanley | November 10, 2016 | Reply

  9. Hi, I am doing my Family Tree, I ran into a road block on dad’s side with Thomas McCauley and his wife Bridget McDonald, As well as the native link to the Family. I was only at Dad’s mother’s Funeral that I sound out why there was a block on the St. Louis side of the family tree.
    As the story goes, Grand Dad Paul St. Louis’s Family’s real name is Filiatrault and all the many spellings of the names, On Mom’s side it is Bruce, Wannamaker, Popkie/Popkey etc. Hannah
    The native link is through the Filiatrault side of the family, From what Uncle Tom McCauley told me was that a family member of the Filiateault Family married a native and that was not what Catholic people do. So he packed up his new family changed the surname to St.Louis and left Quebec and moved to Ontario.

    As for Thomas McCauley wife Bridget McDonald they lay at rest in Mt. St. Patrick Cemetery

    Dad’s mother is Clemence ( went by Claire ) St.Louis married Micheal William McCauley
    Grandma’s parents are Paul St.Louis and Ousella Rosaline Dallaire Paul St.Louis parents are
    Samuel St.Louis wife Marie Felicite Lamarche Paul St.Louis Father Samuel St.Louis Samuel’s Father was Charles FILIATRAULT dit ST. LOUIS

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me open some doors so that I can find my native Family roots….


    Comment by Gerald McCauley | January 31, 2017 | Reply

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