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The Order of the Eastern Star

Between us twain the miles lie wide –  But here’s good-will, this Easter-tide …

Masonic Symbols | Five Pointed Star, pillar and book, Flowers, chalice, crown and scepter, sheaf of barley, broken column

I’ve had this Easter card for several years but I hesitated to share it because I couldn’t figure out what all the “Easter symbols” were. The flowers seemed to fit and I presumed that was a Bible in the middle but it had what was (to me) a strange feel about it.

Well recently, I was finally able to figure out that this 5-pointed star is actually the emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star, a woman’s organization which is affiliated with the Freemasons. Here is what I’ve come to understand about the symbols.

The star is meant to refer to the Star of Bethlehem which is said to have appeared in the East and to have shone over the manger of Jesus. The pillar and book at the center stand for the Masons’ Volume of Sacred Law.

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Gerard Theriault m. Muriel French | Evelyn in Montreal

As a follow-up to Jonathan Theriault’s query about Gerard Theriault (son of Joseph Theriault and Liliane Malo of Timmins, Ontario) who married Muriel French (daughter of Felix French and Anna Wilda Swan of Iroquois Falls) in Notre Dame Assomption Parish (Hearst, Cochrane, Ontario on October 16th, 1948), here is more information from the maternal French line. Continue reading

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