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Bonnier, Cecyre | Cimetiere de la Paroisse de St.Joachim Cemetery


Headstone: BONNIER    |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries


En memoire de

Zotique Cecyre

Dec. en 1959 a 86 ans Continue reading

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Quebec City’s Chateau Frontenac

Quebec city’s Chateau Frontenac was one of a series of grand hotels built by the railroad companies in the 2oth century – as was Montreal’s Viger Hotel. Today, it’s still a hotel although it’s now called the  Fairmont – Le Château Frontenac.

History of Quebec City | Grand Hotels

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Château Frontenac National Historic Site of Canada

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Cloutier, Faubert, Primeau | Cimetiere de la Paroisse St-Joachim Cemetery

Headstone:  FAUBERT  |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries


Joseph Faubert


le 25 mai 1928

a l’age de 77 ans

son epouse Continue reading

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Dumouchel, Robert | Cimetiere de la Paroisse St-Joachim Cemetery

Headstone: ROBERT   |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries

P. Dumouchel

1845 – 1927


Son Epouse

Eulalie Robert

1845 – 1922


Marie Dumouchel

Agee de 79 ans 1942




This couple were Pierre Dumouchel (son of Vital Dumouchel and Olive D’Amour) and his wife Eulalie Robert (daughter of Andre Robert and Marie Marcil) who were married in Ste-Philomene on September 21st, 1875). Ste-Philomene is in Mercier, a community which borders Chateauguay.



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French Canadian Pioneers: The Roberts of Quebec



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Historic Image of Montreal’s Port Area on the St.Lawrence River

Historic image Port of Montreal, from CNR Elevators

Reverse of Postcard

Addressed to: Mrs. Oscar S. Zimmerman, 1540 Lincoln Str, Berkeley, Calif.

Montreal, Friday 16th, 1926  Dearest Marg???, Leaving Montreal in great snow storm. Snowed all night feel great and not a bit cold. It’s fine and aim to leave at 8:45 a.m. due in N.Y. at 9:15 p.m. so long ride in sotrm (at least at the start. Had good time write later in day. (D.V.)…. from your hubby

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Montreal Harbour | Grain Elevator, Montreal Harbor

Montreal Harbour | Montreal’s Ocean Harbour

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The “Rapids King” in the Lachine Rapids (Montreal, 1910)

Shooting the Lachine Rapids | History of the Lachine Rapids | Montreal

From the archives of The Sunday Chronicle (1921)

DISABLED STEAMER – Rapids King is Beached in St. Lawrence River Rapids –

Ogdensburg, N.Y., July 16.- Strenuous efforts were being made tonight to remove 330 passengers form the steamer Rapids King, of the Canada Steamship Line, which was disabled in the Long Sault Rapids of the St. Lawrence River late today. The craft was disabled by the breaking of a rudder chain. the tiller was used to beach the vessel in seven feet of raging waters.  No boats were able to approach the disabled raft because of the swiftness of the current.

Reverse of Postcard

Mr. S. Bendit, 371 Broadway, New York City, New York

Continue reading

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Old Windmill in Rural Quebec – Links Results

Alternate energy source |Pioneer Life | Canadian Family


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