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Index: Headstones of Cimetiere de la paroisse de St-Joachim | Chateauguay, Quebec

Chateauguay Genealogy | History of Chateaguay Quebec

A – L

Allard, Marie  

Aube, Ildea  

Beaudette, Henri 

Bonnier, Aldea

Bourcier, Arthur

Bourcier, Jeanne 

Bourcier, Gerard

Bourcier, Jean Marie

Caume, Juliet

Cecyre, Zotique

Cloutier Victorine

Dorais (Dore), Victoria

Dumouchel, Marie

Dumouchel, Pierre

Dupont, Florina

Dupont, Regina 

Duranceau, Eurcher

Duranceau, Louis

Duquette, Marguerite

Faubert, Adelard

Faubert, Clotilde

Faubert, Delphis

Faubert, Deloda

Faubert,  Moise

Faubert, Edmond

Faubert, Joseph

Gauvreau, Alice

Jubinville, Andre

Jubinville, Walter

L – M

Laberge, Charles

Laberge, Edouard

Laberge, Guillaume 

Laberge, Jean Baptiste

Laberge, Joseph N.

Laberge, Marie

Laberge, Marie Louise

Laberge, Michel

Laberge, Noe(l)

Laberge, Suzanne

Lefebvre, Alfred

Lefebvre, Armand

Lefebvre, Catherine

Lefebvre, Hector

Lefebvre, Lionel

Lussier, Louis Dolphis

McPherson, Odile

Patry, Joseph Antoine 

Primeau, Cecilia

Reid, Andre

Rivard, Edouard 

Robert, Eulalie

Rochon, Fabiola


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  1. I’m aware that not all the tombstones are listed here. I know that my great-grandfather, Amable Groulx, his wife, Léontine Daigneault-Groulx, my grand-mother, Andréa Groulx-Lacombe and her husband Adolphe Lacombe are all buried at this cemetery. Unfortunately, in my records I only have a picture of my grand-mother Andrea at her father’s grave (Amable), dated somewhere around 1953. I was wondering what would be the way for me to get additional information about the headstones (I believe there are 2. One for Amable and Léontine together, and the other for Andréa and Adolphe). Problem is, I now live Cancun and there’s no way for me to go on a trip back to Canada to find out. If anyone has information about this or where I can write or something, I would be forever in your dept. Thank you. Andrea Boudreau-Barskiy


    Comment by Andrea Barskiy | January 28, 2013 | Reply

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