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Duquette, Laberge, Lefebvre | Cimetiere de la paroisse de St.Joachim

Headstone: LEFEBVRE   |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries


Charles Laberge  1805 – 1891

Son Epouse

Catherine Lefebvre  1807 – 1889

Leurs Enfants

Michel Laberge  1837 – 1909

Marie Laberge 1840 – 1884

J. Bte Laberge 1847 – 1921

Son Epouse

Marguerite Duquette 1858 – 1907

Edouard Laberge  1838 – 1914

Son Epouse

Marie Laberge  1841 – 1915


BMS2000 has two marriages that would be connected to this family. The earliest is the marriage of Charles Laberge (son of Louis Laberge and Marie Anne Auger) to Catherine Lefebvre (daughter of Pierre Lefebvre and Marguerite Giroux in St-Joachim parish on February 22nd, 1830. The witnesses included: Hyacinte, Laberge, Pierre Laberge, Pierre Lefebvre and P. Grenier (the priest).

The second Charles Laberge (son of Antoine Laberge and Angelique Bergevin) married another Catherine Lefebvre (daughter of Joachim Lefebvre and Marie Desgroseillers) on January 30th, 1837 also in Chateauguay`s St.Joachim parish.

Through the marriage of their children I`ve  established that is the second couple.

Jean Baptiste Laberge (son of Charles Laberge and Catherine Lefebvre) married Marguerite Duquette (son of Jean Louis Duquette and Marie Desgroseillers) in St-Clement parish in Beauharnois on January 13th, 1890.

Edouard Laberge (son of Charles Laberge and Catherine Lefebvre) married Marie Laberge (daughter of Leon Laberge and Josephe Mallette) on October 26th, 1869 in St-Joachim church (Chateauguay). Witnesses include Charles, Laberge, Leon Laberge and the priest Father Lussier.



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