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Laberge, McPherson | Cimetiere de la Paroisse de St.Joachim Chateauguay

Headstone:  MCPHERSON   |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries


Noe Laberge

1839 – 1915

Odile McPherson

1847 – 1917

M.-Louise Laberge

1892 – 1951

Jos. N. Laberge

1887 – 1958



Noel Laberge and Odile McPherson were married in St-Clement Parish (Beauharnois) on October 22nd, 1866. Noel’s parents were Charles Laberge and Josephte Bourcier while Odile was the daughter of Guillaume McPherson and Mathilde Leduc.

The McPherson name intrigued me because I do not come across too many surnames of Scottish origin so I decided to look up this family. It turns out that the McPhersons are an old family name from the Beauharnois area. Odile’s parents had also been married in St-Clement Parish (October 22nd, 1866). Guillaume’s parents were Guillaume McPherson (aka McPharson)  and Mary Knight while Mathilde was the daughter of Guillaume Leduc and Elisabeth Montpetit.

You can find some interesting memoirs of early pioneer  John McPherson in The History Of The County Of Huntingdon Canada – definitely worth having on your bookshelf  if you have some English-speaking ancestors from the Chateauguay area.

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  1. Adele b. 1857, is the younger sister of Odile b. 1848, daughters of Guillaume & Mathilde Mcpherson. She never married and believed to have been a nun in Montreal.


    Comment by Molly Max | May 21, 2016 | Reply

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