A Canadian Family

First Nations, French Canadians & Acadians

Index: Vintage Postcards | Canoeing

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Images from A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection

Early Missionary in Northern Canada (1/14)

Canoeing On  The Montreal River in Temagami, Ontario (2/ 14)

The Britannia Canoe Club (Ottawa)  (3/14)

Camp Paul Rivest – St.Come, Joliette (4/14)

Paddling to his Tepee, Lake of the Woods, Ontario(5/14)

Camp Chemin des Canots (Charlesvoix): Knightly Fishing Party (1951) (6/14)

Doakton New Brunswick   (7/14)

A Difficult Portage in the Highlands of Canada (8/14)

Ice canoes at the Quebec City Winter Carnival (9/14) 

Encampment of fishermen and hunters on Lake Temiscouata (10/14)

Ferry Boat and Canoes at Montreal’s Lafontaine Park (11/14) 

Canoe in the rapids of Montmorency Falls,Quebec (12/14)

Canoes in a lake near St.Thomas, Ontario (13/14)

Lady in canoe on the Sydney River in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (14/14)


Historical images from other sources

Traditional Canoes As Depicted In L’Oiseau Bleu

Vintage canoes in 20th century Canadian mail order catalogues

European first-hand account of the building of a Chippeway Canoe (1827)


Franchini Family Canoes

First Launch Of A 12ft. Cedar Strip Canoe on the Chateauguay River

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