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Historical Canoes | The Britannia Canoe Club (3/14)

Britannia Canoe Club Ottawa Canada

The Britannia Boat House Club was one of the nine founders of the Canadian Canoe Association. The others were the Bohemian Amateur Athletic Association, Brockville Y.M.C.A., Carleton Place Canoe Club, Grand Trunk Boating club, Kingston Yacht Club, Lachine Boat & Canoe Club and the Ottawa Canoe Club.

It still exists today as the  Britannia Yacht Club  (Your cottage in the city!) but has a long history  as it was first formed in 1887 as  “an association of cottagers who spent their summers at Britannia-on-the-Bay”. In the nineteenth century the  members had built a boat house to store their canoes and rowboats and then a decade later (1907) they built what I presume we’re seeing above. According to their website, this was a grander  boathouse and it was located at the end of the Ottawa Electric Railway Pier.

Unfortunately it was destroyed by a fire in 1918. In a period account from  the Morning Leader I read that the fire destroyed

the clubhouse of the Brittania boat club …. and all its contents, including 150 or more canoes that were stored in the boathouse, racing canoes and shells, engine accessories, sails and oars and other boating equipment. The dance hall furniture, including an expansive piano, victrolas and all the contents of the members’ lockers, were also lost in the fire.

keep reading at the   Britannia Boat Club, Ottawa, Is Wrecked By Fire .

Here is another newspaper excerpt from an earlier period that predates the fire –

Ottawa, August 8,- with the largest attendance ever seen at a local regatta, and probably in Canada, the Canadian Canoe Association’s ninth  annual regatta was held at Britannia this afternoon, under the auspices of the Britannia Boating Club. The weather was all that  could have been desired, and the five thousand spectators enjoyed the sport immensely. The water was somewhat rough, causing numerous upsets, but despite this handicap, the paddlers did very creditably. Toronto almost made a clean sweep, winning no less than eight out of eleven events on the programme. The western men were in their element, “The higher the waves the better for Toronto,” seemed to be the slogan …..

Decorated with flags and bunting and with streamers flying, the clubhouse presented a pretty sight. The pier was lined and the temporary stand was also filled. ….

keep reading  at The Montreal Gazette

vintage postcard back with stamp | Canadian Family


Index: The History of Canoeing in Canada Through Vintage Postcards

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