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Michael Litvack | Postcard-inspired art (2)

There are so many ways to study and honour our past and Montrealer Michael Litvack has certainly found one of the richest – through his artwork.

I became familiar with his work recently after he contacted me to say that one of his paintings (St.Agathe in the 1950’s) was based on one of my  vintage postcards. I wanted to share his artwork here today because I think it could be useful to those of you who are looking for visuals to enhance your family histories – especially if your twentieth century roots are in  the Montreal area.

Luckily, Michael Litvak’s  work is available in original and print form, but also as greeting cards so it’s accessible to all pocketbooks. I urge everyone to click on this link so that you can view larger versions of his art work.

Michael Litvack – Fine Art

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Marcoux of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers


QUEBEC SURNAMES: Marcoux + D'Anticosti, de Rainville, Father Marcoux Kahnawake, Marcoux Native Metis, Marcoux Native Mi'kmaq Metis LOCATIONS: Quebec


Jean Marcoux / Maclou | Marie Joliet D’Anticosti

October 28th, 1754, Quebec (Notre-Dame) Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Marchands of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers 

Index: Filles du Roi

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Marchand + Bouchard, Groleau, Guatreau, Labauve, Leneuf, Levasseur, Marchand Kahnawake, Marchand Native Metis, Marchand Native Mi'kmaq, Morineau, Robutel, Rocheron, Sauvage LOCATIONS: Montreal, Quebec, Acadie, Cap-St-Ignace, St-Martin-de-Re, Pointe-de-Levy, Baie-St-Paul | Historic view of Cap St. Ignace - the eastern part of the village in 1894


Constant Marchand / de Lignery  | Anne-Francoise Robutel

November 19th, 1691, Montreal (Notre-Dame) Continue reading

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