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Was Francois Larocque a Native? | Evelyn in Montreal

A message from Rejeanne Chiasson

I too am of the descendants of Francois Larocque and Marguerite Caplan. I’m looking for the birth or death of John Larocque, son of Charles Larocque and Margaret McKinnon. Charles was the son of Francois Larocque. I miss the information that can say that John was Indian. Please if anyone has information regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated and also might have a chance to meet relatives or descendants from afar. Here are my offspring. I do not know either if Charles Larocque with other children, if it is available I would like to know more. | Francois Laroque and Marguerite Caplan – Charles Larocque and Margaret McKinnon – Jean Larocque Larocque and Bridgitte- Brigitte and Michel Larocque Mallet – Claire and Michel Larocque Ache (Hache) – Georges Larocque (my grandfather) married twice. Artemisia is the first and the second is LeBouthillier Louise Larocque (she is my grandmother) Larocque and Ida Pierre.J. Chiasson


1. Francois Larocque was born about 1700 in Normandy (Normadie, France). He married Marguerite Caplan about 1729 in Louisbourg (Isle Royale/Acadie). Today this is Nova Scotia.

2. So, it  is Marguerite Caplan who has been identified as Metis. Marguerite  was said to be the daughter of Guillaume Caplan and an unidentifed Amerinidan woman. I have a genealogical paper trail connecting me to the Larocque/Caplan  couple through their daughter Catherine Larocque and her husband Jean Chapados. My MtDna genetic testing has confirmed my native ancestry and the only likely candidate is Marguerite.

3. I believe you will find all the genealogical information you are seeking at this Rootsweb page which is devoted to the descendants of Francois Larocque.


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  1. allo rejeanne , je suis nelson alain moi aussi descendant de francois larocque et marguerite caplan alors cousine verifie sur google : descendant of guillaume capelan-capelan, y’a toute arbre au complet


    Comment by nelson alain | April 3, 2015 | Reply

  2. I am a descendant of guillaume caplea as well. All records I cannot find his spouses name because it turns up as “not known”. I hit a road block as well. Catholic Churches didn’t recognize marriages between the natives and the French at that time. So they most likely hid their identity and took the catholic last names.


    Comment by Brenda | June 1, 2015 | Reply

    • Hello Brenda,
      To my knowledge, before Westerners arrived, Native naming practices did not include surnames in the sense that we use surnames (father to offspring passing of surnames, generation by generation).
      Hope this is helpful,


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | June 20, 2015 | Reply

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