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Memories of Caughnawaga by Reader Anita Ferroni

Anita Ferroni left these lovely comments after seeing this vintage image of Caughnawaga’s Chief Poking Fire Indian Village & Museum.

As I look at this photo it brings back memories to me as I lived in Kahnawake (used to say Caugnawaga then).

My mom remarried with Frank Kardis. He worked at Dominion Bridge, so we moved there.  We lived on Creek Road . Our landlord was Moses Taylor.  He had a sister Emma.  They had a son Peter.  He died in 1950. He was laid out at home on Cemetery Road. Landlords were Angus Deer and Mabel.  His funeral was at the Kateri Tekakwitha Church. Funeral arrangements were done by Mr. Goodleaf. We had friends Annie & Norma Mc Cumber , Louis Delisle and Tommy Laforce and many more. I was there for a visit on Saturday the 21st and I’ll go back to try to remember places I knew.

 I was Anita Kardis and my brother Danny, my mom Agnes and step dad Frank (Big Frank as his friends called him). I loved living in your hometown.

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Personal Note from Evelyn: I have relatives who worked in their  munitions factories during WWII and others who worked there during the 1960s during the Expo 67 building boom. For the longest time, Dominion Bridge put a lot of bread and butter on Montreal area tables.


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  1. thank you for your reply on july the14th i was at my sons place in st constant and she took me to caugnawaga to see if i can find were i lived i was 11 it was on creek road but i saw a lady and talked to her the house of moses taylor is demlished and another one is built there but my gaugther in law took me around and i saw were we lived in 1050 on cemetary road (angus and mabel deer where my moms landlords ) i must go back to go visit sharon deer before the winter i loved living there in your hometown even though we had no water or elctricity it was my home on creek road then in the 40s the streets where bare now there are many cars parked . i will go back and go to some stores i used to go if they are still there well im glad you answered me take care and god bless anita xxxxxxxx


    Comment by anita ferroni | September 2, 2012 | Reply

    • Thank you again for the contribution of your memories.They are always appreciated.

      I would like to make clear, however, that I am not from Kahnawake – and though I descend from several Natives in the far past, they are from the Mikmak and Cree Nations, not the Mohawk.

      Have a nice day,


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | September 2, 2012 | Reply

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