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A message from Steven Lemire

I’m going out on a limb here .. But I’ve been told I have 2 Mohawk grandparents.. I’m working with these following surname’s (Pilote and Tessier) . My grandfather is Francois Xavier Tessier. I can not find much on them at all. I’ve been at this for 5 years now.. And now hoping to dig alot deeper. I’ve viewed all the surnames listed on this site and can’t really find any matches. So maybe the myth of my Grandparents has been solved. But any help or good direction would help. I tried Ancestry .ca. But nothing at all.. Thank for any reply or information…

IntroductionVintage postcard | Quebec pioneer settlers | farm, peasants

Many people begin tracing their family history when they want to prove/disprove a family belief – in your case that of Native heritage. In the vast majority of cases that I’ve examined, there is a kernel of truth in family oral history claiming native descent, however it is commonly only one strain and it frequently comes through a female who married into the line. For example, if you look at your maternal Tessier line below you have many generations and in each of these generations each wife has multiple generations leading back, any one of which could provide evidence  to support (or not) your family’s belief.

So if you are looking for Native roots the approach I recommend never varies.

Track your generations back one-at-a-time.

Record each generation in a family tree program.

As you complete a lineage do methodical online searches by names/region.

You will need patience to tease out this information – and I hope that in the meantime you will enjoy the wonderful history you discover along the way – such as your descent from the 17th century French Canadian settlers Mathieu Tessier and Marguerite Carrreau (see below).

Your Lemires

Valmore Lemire (son of Lucien Lemire and Juliette Fleurent) married Henriette Tessier (daughter of Francois Xavier Tessier and Rose-Anna Trudel) on September 18th, 1948 in St-Sauveur Parish in Quebec City.

Lucien Lemire (son of Nazaire Lemire and Rosanna Lafond) married Juliette Fleurent  (daughter of Louis Fleurant and Sophie Beaulac on November 13th, 1923 in St-Jean-Baptiste Parish in Nicolet (Quebec).

Your Maternal Tessier Line

Francois Xavier Tessier (son of Elzear Tessier and Caroline Cardinal) marred Rose-Anna Trudel (daughter of Louis Trudel and Rose Anna Lavoie) in St-Roch Parish in Quebec City on December  1st, 1925.

Elzear Tessier Laplante (son of Louis Tessier Laplante and Marie Louise Desroches) married Caroline Cardinal (daughter of Jean Cardinal and Julie Marcoux) on September 19th, 1871 in St-Sauveur Parish in Quebec City.

Louis Tessier married Louise Desroches (daughter of Charles Desroches and Suzanne Patry) on October 27th, 1835 in Notre Dame Parish in Quebec City.

Louis Tessier had been first married to Genevieve Grenier (daughter of Benjamin Grenier and Genevieve Giroux) on May 31st, 1831 in Notre Dame Parish in Quebec City.  His parents were Louis Alexandre Tessier and Marie Louise Grenier.

Louis Alexandre Tessier married Marie Louise Grenier on February 10th, 1801 in Beauport (Quebec City area) in La Nativite-de-Notre-Dame. His parents were Vincent Tessier and Marie Louise Toupin while hers were Pierre Grenier and Genevieve Felicite Giroux.

Vincent Tesser (son of Jean Baptiste Tessier and Marie Angelique Garnier) married Marie Louise Toupin (daughter of Alexandre Toupin and Marie Louise Chevalier) on January 27th, 1766 in La Nativite-de-Notre-Dame in Beauport (Quebec City area).

Jean Baptiste Tessier (son of Mathieu Tessier and Marguerite Carreau) married Marie Angelique Garnier (daughter of Charles Garnier and Jeanne Angelique Maheux) on November 6th, 1724 in La Nativite-de-Notre-Dame in Beauport.

Mathieu Tessier married widow Marguerite Carreau on November 25th, 1687 in La Nativite-de-Notre-Dame in Beauport.  Marguerite’s first husband had been Louis Provost.

Mathieu Tessier (Haringue Laplante) was the first of his line to settle in Quebec. His parents were Jacques Tessier and Laurence Boiglou of Coignac Parish in Limoges (France). Like most settlers of the time he had first arrived in New France as a soldier – in his case with M. de Bouraillon.


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  1. Some info I have collected.
    Francoise Gagnon, b. and baptized on December 15, 1655 at Quebec City, m. Louis Prevost, son of Martin Provost and of Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabewich (a Huron or Algonquin Indian), on February 21, 1672 at Chateau-Richer. Vachon notarized the contract on January 25th . Louis was born about 1651 in Quebec and died on May 5, 1686 in Beauport. They had five children, three boys and two girls. Francoise died on May 30, 1680 and was buried the next day at Beauport. Louis married for a second time to Marguerite Carreau, daughter of Louis Carreau (1619-1693) and of Jeanne Lerouge (1625-1696), on February 17, 1681 at Chateau-Richer. Marguerite was born on June 24, 1662 or December 16, 1661 in Quebec and died on October 15, 1737 in Beauport. Louis and Marguerite had four children, all boys.
    NOTES: Marguerite Carreau married a second time to Mathieu Tessier (1661-1686), son of Jacques Tessier and of Laurence Boigeon, on November 25,1681 at Chateau-Richer. He was born about 1665 and died about March 17, 1744/45 in Beauport.


    Comment by Michele Martin | September 20, 2012 | Reply

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