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Reader Query: Duquettes in Caughnawaga | Part 1/3

This is a recent message from Donna Lee Duquette –

Duquettes Caughawaga MohawkHello, I am writing on behalf of my 89 year old father George Philip Duquette. He remembers his grandfather Philias Duquette chanting “Indian” songs in his senior years. Dad was told that Philias was born and raised in Caughnawaga Quebec. Dad has told us many stories of his grandfather and family. I would like to provide him with validation of his memories.

Some info. that I have about Philias follows

DUQUETTE, Philias Dominic

Birth : 10 OCT 1851 Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

Death : 21 NOV 1940 Massachusetts USA

I am thanking you for any help you might give, or any leads you might offer me.

* * *

My preliminary research shows that your family descends from many of the earliest French Canadian pioneer families and that your line is closely connected to some Duquettes with Caughnawaga connections.

As always, I begin this response by identifying your particular lineage and I hope that any readers connected to this lineage will leave a comment to help out Donna Lee and others.

Part 1

The founders of your particular line were Denys Duquette and Catherine Gauthier who were married on May 13th, 1638 in Quebec City.

Duquette genealogyYou descend through their son Jean Baptiste Duquette and his wife Catherine Ursule Villeneuve/Amiot who were married in Pointe-aux-Trembles on November 11th, 1683. Pointe-aux-Trembles is located on Montreal Island. Catherine’s parents were Mathieu Amiot and Marie dite Anne Miville.

Jean Baptiste and Catherine had at least two sons – your ancestor Charles Jean Baptiste Duquette and a Joseph Duquette who married Angelique Molineuf. The Duquette/Molineuf line is one of the lines with direct connections to Caughnawaga and that will be discussed in a follow-up post.

Your next generation is Charles Jean Baptiste Duquette and Catherine Mallette (daughter of Louis Mallette and Jeanne Brunet). They were married in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on  Montreal Island on July 3rd, 1719.

Their children included your ancestor Jean Baptiste (who married  Francoise Deniau), as well as Louis Lambert Duquette (who married Suzanne Boursier), Marie Catherine Duquette , Marie Charlotte Duquette, Marie Josette Duquette, Marie Louise Duquette, Veronique Duquette, Madeleine Duquette and Jean Louis Duquette.

Charles and Catherine’s son Jean Baptiste Duquette married Francoise Deniau/Daigneault on Feb 20th, 1764 in Chateauguay. Her parents were Jean Baptiste Deniau and Catherine Rufiange.

In addition to your ancestor Jacques Duquette (m. Marie Descent) Jean Baptiste and Francoise had the following children: Jean Baptiste (m. Marie Archange Daoust), March 7th, 1791, Ile-Perrot), Joachim Amable (m. Rosalie Greffe, Feb 10th, 1812), Josephte, Paul, Francoise, Charles, Joseph and Catherine.

Duquet/te Genealogy - Caughnawaga - Patriotes, rebelsOn a side note – Jean Baptiste and Francoise’s son Joseph married Marie Louise Dandurand and their son was the Patriote Joseph Duquet  who was involved in several incidents (inc. Moore’s Corner and Nelson’s attempted invasion of Lower Canada) culminating in his participation the ill-fated attempt to steal weapons from Caughnawaga. Duquet was captured and after a trial was hung in Montreal on December 21st, 1838 (see links below).

Now we have arrived at the couple who were your grandfather’s grandparents – Jacques Duquette and Marie Descent (daughter of Paul Descent and Marie Delage). They were married on November 14th, 1803 in Chateauguay – and as most readers know Chateauguay lies next to Caughnawaga.

I have found only two children for Jacques and Marie – your ancestor Paul/Pierre (m.Rousseau) and a Marie Duquette who married Francois Laurin (son of Alexis Laurin and Reine Malbeuf)  on July 20th, 1835 in Chateauguay.

Jacques and Marie’s son Paul/Pierre Duquette married Marguerite Rousseau on August 17th, 1835 in Chateauguay’s St-Joachim church. Marguerite’s parents were Jacques Rousseau and Marguerite Blain.

I have found only one child for Jacques and Marguerite and that would be your ancestor Philias Dominique Duquette who “chanted Indian songs”. My research had originally started with this generation, and while I was unable to find a Philias Dominique Duquette born in Chateauguay in October of 1851, I did find a baptismal record which was a close match –

Duquettes | Caughnawaga | Mohawk Native Genealogy

According to this record from the Ste-Philomene Parish records, a certain Jean Baptiste Philias Duquette was baptised in Mercier (which is near Chateauguay) on November 20th, 1851. He had been born the day previously to Marguerite Rousseau, wife of Pierre Duquette. The godparents were Dominique Quesnel and Felicite Descent. The name and date are slightly off your information, however, if we consider that  1.  this is the only Philias Duquette born in the Chateauguay area in that time period, 2. there was no Dominic Duquette from that area/time period and 3. his godfather’s name was Dominic, then it seems likely that this is your Philias Dominique Duquette.

A little sidetrip   Another interesting piece of information from this birth certificate is that Philias’ godfather Dominique Quesnel is a descendant of Louis Quesnel and his first wife Marie Malette. His father’s second wife – Marie Suzanne Magoya was a Native and that couple is said (according to numerous online sources) to have been married in Oka. I haven’t seen that marriage record myself. It is interesting that their son – also named  Louis Quesnel – married an Angelique Bourcier in Kahnawake in 1807 (although their children were baptised in Chateauguay and Lachine).  I offer this information just to show that close friends of your family did have connections with Caughnawaga.

There’s nothing on the certificate to indicate that your Philias’ birth took place in Caughnawaga. In fact, the record states that the family are from St-Philomene Parish. Is it your belief that he spent some of his youth in Caughnawaga, or do you simply believe he was born there?

Now, according to further information you provided, Philias left Canada for the United States on his own at about the age of 16. If these dates are accurate it would place his emigration somewhere around the mid 1860s. I was unable to find his emigration records using the surname Duquet/te combined with Philias, Dominique, Jean or Jean Baptiste – however many records at Ancestry.com are badly transcribed so this is a lead that you could follow up on yourself some day.

Of course another possibility, if Philias Dominique had ties with Oka or another border community, is that he just slipped across the line.

In any case, for readers’ information, Philias Duquette eventually married Marguerite Dupont (Aug. 13th, 1876) at Notre-Dame-des-Canadiens Parish in Worcester, Massachusetts. The marriage record states that he was the son of Paul (aka Pierre) Duquette and Marguerite Rousseau. Marguerite’s parents were Fortunat Dupont and Marie St-Germain. And, as you already knew, their son George F. Duquette married Leona Chevalier (daughter of Alcide Chevalier and Virginie Brassard) on June 6th, 1921.


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More information about the Patriote Duquette

Histoire de la seigneurie de Lauzon – Volumes 1-2 – Page 359 (Denys Duquet)

Report of the state trials: before a general court martial held at … – Page 33, (Patriote Duquette )

Les patriotes de 1837-1838 – Page 216 Petition by the Iroqouois that Duquette not be executed

The patriot war – Page 26

A brief review of the settlement of Upper Canada by the U.E. … – Page 281


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  1. Hi there I’m looking for a marriage between Pierre Mailloux or Mayou and Marie Anne Duquette. Pierre born 1818.


    Comment by Josh Whiting | July 16, 2018 | Reply

    • Sorry Pierre mayo and philomene. Pierre was Marie Duquettes son supposedly


      Comment by Josh Whiting | July 16, 2018 | Reply

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