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Reader Query: Duquettes in Caughnawaga | Part 2/3

This is a follow-up to an earlier post in which Donna Lee Duquette was asking whether I could shed light on any possible connections between her Duquette ancestors and Caughnawaga.

My basic findings are that one line of Duquettes settled in the region of Chateauguay, and some of these were among the French Canadians who were allowed at one time to live in Caughnawaga. Most of these were farmers who were permitted to lease land (which is no longer the case).

Here are a few connections I’ve found after a cursory examination of several online sources and I would ask that any readers with connections (or further information) about these Duquettes  consider leaving information or contact details in the comment boxes below. Merci!

* * *

A Caughnawaga marriage from 1864

Duquettes in Caughnawaga KahnawakeJean Baptiste Duquette (son of Jean Baptiste Duquette and Josette Laberge) married Virginie Viau (daughter of Joseph Viau and Marie Anne Gervais) on January 25th, 1864 in St-Francois-Xavier Parish in Caughnawaga.

Note 1: Viau family – At a certain point, Virginie’s uncle Alexis Viau died, and his wife Theotiste Guerin remarried and gave birth to many children in Caughnawaga.

This Jean Baptiste Duquette (who married Virginie Viau) descends as follows from Denys Duquette and Catherine Gauthier –

Jean Baptiste Duquette and Marie Josette Laberge who married on 12 January 1761 in Chateauguay.

Joseph Duquette and Angelique Molineuf who married on 18 Apr 1733 (unsourced)

Jean Baptiste Duquette and Catherine Ursule Villeneuve Amiot who married on 11 Nov 1683 in Pointe-aux-Trembles

Duquette/Villeneuve are also Donna Lee’s ancestors.

Deys Duquette and Catherine Gauthier married on 13 May 1638 in Quebec City

Duquettes in the 1871 Census 

Duquette, Philomene 32 Quebec Laprairie Sault-St-Louis
Duquette, Pierre 33 Quebec Laprairie Sault-St-Louis
Duquette, Euphémie 5 Quebec Laprairie Sault-St-Louis

This couple is Pierre Duquette (son of Pierre Duquette and Adelaide Bessette) and Philomene Gervais (Charles Gervais and Pelagie Guerin) who had been married in St-Constant on November 16th, 1857, but what is interesting is that this marriage was also copied into Caughnawaga’s St-Francois-Xavier Parish Records. The reason for this is that at the time of their marriage, Pierre Duquet was a blacksmith in Caughnawaga. Pierre Duquette (who married  Philomene Gervais) descends from Denys Duquette and Catherine Gauther as follows:

Pierre Duquette and Adelaide Bessette (aka Adeleade Pezette) who married 7 Oct 1833, Ste-Martine

Joseph Duquette and Catherine Couillard who married 24 Nov 1794, Chateauguay

Louis Lambert Duquette and Suzanne Boursier who married 7 Jan 1749, Chateauguay

Charles Jean Baptiste Duquette and Catherine Mallette who married 3 Jul 1719, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue

(Duquette/Mallette are also Donna Lee’s ancestors.)

Jean Baptiste Duquette and Catherine Ursule Villeneuve Amiot, who married 11 Nov 1683, Pointe-aux-Trembles

Denys Duquette and Catherine Gauthier who married 13 May 1638 in Quebec City

* * *

More information about Pierre Duquette and Philomene Gervais –

For what concerns the Euphemie above, the only child by that name that I have found in the birth records was a Euphemie who had been baptised in St-Joachim Parish (Chateauguay) on November 3rd, 1872, one day after her birth (godparents-  Joseph Ste-Mare and Alphonsine Quesnel), however, her parents were listed as Jea Baptiste and Marie Duquette.

I have found the marriages of several of Pierre Duquette and Philomene Gervais’ children and they all took place away from Caughnawaga (Helene Duquette m. Chrysologue Legault, Oct. 27th, 1885, St-Charles Parish – Mtl., Christophe  m. Mathilda Lippe, April 8th, 1902 in St- Henri Parish – Mtl.. Raoul Duquette m. Anna Lippe, October 18th, 1904 in Ste-Elisabeth-du-Portugal Parish – Mtl.. Finally, there is a marriage for a Jules-Christian Duquette to a Laetitia-Lucienne Villeneuve, June 4th, 1949, St-Enfant-Jesus Parish – Mtl., however this Jules-Christian is actually the Christophe above who had married Mathilda Lippe.).

Should any descendants of these couples see this post, I hope they will consider sharing any additional stories or information that they have with the readers of this blog, or with Donna Lee herself. Thanks!

Reader Query: Duquettes in Caughnawaga – Disaster Strikes! | Part 3/3

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  1. Hi there, my grandfather Edouard Ash had a mother Anna Duquette, married a William Ash. My grandmother and grandfather maintained that Anna was Mohawk. After reading everything that is written here it may be that her family was just passing through. Please give me further details. thank you so much. sincerely, Louise Boutin


    Comment by Louise Boutin | August 5, 2015 | Reply

  2. Euphemie Duquette is my great-great grandmother. My name is Trina Stacey and I am from Kahnawà:ke. Euphemie’s daughter Rose Alma is my great grandmother. Rose Alma’s daughter is Irene Rice Phillips and my mother is Tessie Phillips Stacey.


    Comment by Trina Stacey | June 22, 2018 | Reply

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