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Reader Query: The Viaus of Kahnawake (2/2)

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Following some research I did awhile back for Carmen Vieau   about her father’s belief that their family was in some way connected to Caughnawaga, I decided to list the Caughnawaga-related Viau marriages that I have from their parish records, as well as some links to related census records.

The first Viau couple that I identified who were associated with  Caughnawaga for many years consisted of Alexis Viau (son of Joseph Viau and Felicite Briault) who had married Theotiste Guerin (daughter of Jean Guerin and Marie Louise Marotte) on February 14th, 1825 in her parish of La-Nativite-de-la-Ste-Vierge in Lapraire. The Viaus were from Laprairie. Alexis descended from Joseph and Felicite and then  1. Louis Viau who had married Felicite Breau on January 17th, 1791  and 2. Pierre Viau who had married Marie Menard  in Longueuil (Chambly)  on January 17th, 1747.

If we turn our attention back to Alexis Viau and Theotiste Guerin at the time they were living in Kahnawake, we can see the following offspring who were all married in St-Francois-Xavier Parish:

Caughnawaga Kahnawake marriages | Mohawk genealogyOctave Viau married Hermine Brunot (daughter of Augustin Brunot and Catherine Decoste) on January 14th, 1856.

Francois Xavier Bourdeau (son of Francois Bourdeau and Charlotte Gagnon) married Anne Viau on November 3rd, 1857.

Gilbert Viau married Odile Gibeau (daughter of Jacques Gibeau and Angelique Perras) on July 4th, 1864. (A note on the marriage records states that he had previously been married to Cleophee Bourdeau but I haven’t located the marriage record).

Hormidas Viau married Alphonsine Gagnon (daughter of Francois Gagnon and Marie Rufiange) on February 11th, 1870.

Isaie Viau L’Esperance married Marie Livernois (daughter of Francois Livernois and Sophie Viau) on October 9th, 1871.

Other Viau marriages from the St-Francois-Xavier Parish records

Gedeon Viau (Louis Viau/Catherine Demers of St-Constant)

Marguerite Catherine Kaniserentha (Laurent Anenkarison/Suzanne Tekasonortie Merry)

Married: August 25th, 1862

Jean Baptiste Duquette (Jean Baptiste Duquette/Josette Laberge of Chateauguay)

Virginie Viau (Joseph Viau/Marie Anne Gervais of St-Constant)

Married: January 25th, 1864

Celestin Malley (Jules Malley/Julie Alarie)

Malvina Viau (Jean Baptiste Viau/Emilie Viau)

Married: October 18th, 1881

Joseph Frederic Peter Viau  (Isaie Viau/Marie Livernois)

Euphemie  Duquette (Jean Baptiste Duquette/Marie Duquet)

Married: November 16th, 1893

Theophile Viau  (Jean Baptiste Viau and Emelie Viau of Chateauguay)

Marguerite Lefort Kaniente (Louis Lefort Kaniente/Marie Thompson)

Married: March 15th, 1886

Treffle Viau   (Antoine Viau and Marie Anne Moreau)

Albina Viau L’Esperance (Isaie Viau/Marie Livernois)

Married: August 31st, 1896

Oswald Gervais   (Thomas Gervais/Marie St-Onge/Gareau)

Philomene Viau (Antoine Viau/Anne Moreau)

Married: April 7th, 1902

Emile Delaronde  (Francois Xavier Delaronde/Marie Barrette)

Marie Yvonne Viau (Pierre Mederic Viau/Euphemie Duquette)

Married: June 12th, 1911

Jean Baptiste Rice Atkwiroton (Francois Xavier Oneratakenrat/Marie Celine Kanakoretha Vincent)

Rosalma Viau (Pierre Viau/Euphemie Duquette)

Married: February 7th, 1916

Osias Viau  (Pierre Joseph Viau/Euphemie Duquette)

Marie Latour (Albert Latour/Josephine Deschambeault)

Married: June 9th, 1924

Albert Charles Latour (Albert Latour/Josephine Deschambeault of St-Isidore)

Cecile Viau 1935  (Napoleon Viau and  Rose Desrochers)

Married: August 24th, 1935


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  1. Hi Evelyn my grandmother was Mary Anne DeLaRonde Stuart Rice,her mother was Charlotte Agatha DeLaRonde Rice,Charlotte father was Paul Nioherasa DeLaRonde@Marie Konatiesa,His father was Charles Francois DeLaronde Thibaudiere &Mad.Peniadjinkowe i had a family tree done in Kahnawake Que in Sept 2012 Judy Rice Toffoli


    Comment by judy rice toffoli | January 24, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hello! Do you know the children resulting from all of these lines? I’m looking for my Great Grandparents and their parents. My maternal grandfather was George Wilfred Viau(Jr), son of George Wilfred Viau(snr) and Marie Boudreau. They also had a son named Albert. I trying to find George Wilfred Snr’s parents names and lineage.


    Comment by Kristen Berube | February 20, 2015 | Reply

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