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Sose Akwiranoron | Joseph Beauvais | Pt. 3/3

American Indian Medicine Shows | Chief i full regalia including full lenghth feathered headressThis is another image of Sose Akwiranoron from the private collection of American collector Douglas Buchholz. Douglas likes to research the history behind the people, places and events depicted in the images he’s found.  His collection includes antique postcards as well as lantern slides and  paper ephemera and one of his interests is with First Peoples and in particular with their involvement in the entertainment industry in the early 20th century.

What you see here is an image from a pamphlet (probably from a lantern slide) titled: Hiawatha, in the drama of 1904, which shows Joseph Beauvais dressed in the regalia of the famous Onondaga chief.  If you are unfamiliar with First Peoples cultures, please note that although Haie’wa’tha was the founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, what you see in this image is not the traditional garb of the people of Kahnawak:ke.

Douglas is already in contact with one descendant of Sose  Akwiranoron (Lynn Beauvais) and has done research through the Kahnawak:ke Cultural Centre and other sources, however he is always interested in communicating with others who have an interest in this fascinating person.

If you’d like to talk to Douglas, drop me a line in the comment box below and  I’ll forward your email address to him.

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  1. Wondering about Joseph Beauvais linage. Can you share descendants names so I can see if he is part of my ancestry.

    Note from Evelyn: Answered privately by email


    Comment by Adrianna Beauvais | April 4, 2014 | Reply

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