A Canadian Family

Natives, French Canadians & Acadians

Core Index: The Christmas Season in Canada Through Historical Images

Canadian images of gift-givers

Papa Santa Claus hands out gifts | 1890s

Father Christmas Shakes Hands with Father Time | 1890s

This toboggan-carrying Canadian Santa Wore Snowshoes | 19th Century

Canadian Santa with his bag full of toys climbs into chimney | 1920s


Canadian images of the Christmas Season

Canadian children dance around candle-lit Christmas tree | 1870s

Madonna and child look down on Quebec family | 1880s

Father Time, Grim Reaper, New Year child and Santa’s sleigh | 1880s

Winged Chronos presents child | Pagan symbols of old and new year

Baby wrapped in green ribbons – New Year symbol for 1922

Father Time with traditional symbols of Old and New Year | 1890s

L’Arbre de Noel | Mother and children in modest home | 1890s

Elegant lady tends to Christmas plants | 1910s


Religious imagery from Canadian publications

Painted Nativity Scene – Christmas Star Over Bethlehem Manger

Mary, Joseph And Jesus With Angels Overhead | 1920s

Winged angels pray around newborn Jesus | 1920s

A Quebec Noel – The Holy Family In A Manger Scene | 1930s

Joseph and Mary Look Lovingly At Their Infant Jesus | 1930s

Madonna and Child | 1930s

The Blessed Virgin Mary With Crescent Moon At Her Feet | Early 20th century

Infant Jesus in cart pulled by lamb | Early 20th century

Christmas in Quebec: Joyeuses fetes de Noel | mid 20th century

The Annunciation | 1920


Christmas-themed Canadian advertising

Santa Claus Drinking Molson Beer | 1910s

Christmas morning  | Vintage Kodak Ad | 1920s

Vintage Molson Beer Advertisement | 1920s

Vintage Ad Featuring Santa With A Dow Beer | 1920s


Advertisements for Christmas products

Christmas Novelty Boxes from the early 20th century

Old Style Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments | 1900s

Antique tissue paper bells | 1910s

Large Set of Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments | 1930s

Asbestos and Christmas – “The Good Old Days” | 1930s

Antique Christmas Decoration – Santa, sleigh and reindeer | 1930s

Antique Silver Christmas Tree Tinsel

Artificial goose-feathered tabletop tree | Christmas 1930s

Vintage composite Santa Claus Figures | 1930s

Vintage Christmas tree ornament – Glass Trumpet | 1930s

Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments |  1950s

Indoor/outdoor strings of Christmas lights | 1950s


Retro -advertisements for Christmas toys

Dolls For The Little Folks – Ten Canadian dolls from 1906

Toy wagons for boys | 1930s

Lionel Train Sets | 1930s

Old Fashioned Wooden Doll House | 1930s

Spinning Tops | 1940s

Vintage dollhouses and dollhouse furniture | 1940s

Old-fashioned bride, toddler and baby dolls | 1950s

Baby doll (black) | 1950s

“Here I am” – A vintage Moulded Vinyl Doll  | 1950s

Vintage Toy Medical Kits for Doctor and Nurse from the 1950s

Vintage, open-backed, metal dollhouse from the 1950s

A selection of old fashioned dolls from 1958

Retro toys for little girls – Pillsbury Baking Kits | 1956


Articles about Christmas in Canada

An Acadian Christmas in Port Royal: The “Buche de Noel” or Yule Log

Christmas in Louisiana in the late 1700s: Acadian and French Canadian Influence

Christmas in Western Canada | 1880s

Christmas Tide in Canada | 1883

Christmas Eve in Montreal | 1888

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