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Peter Tiokate Delisle & Agnes Wianta Blue Horn | Evelyn in Montreal

Looking for family tree info. on the family of Agnes Wianta Blue-Horn-DeLisle and Peter Tiokate DeLisle. They were my grandparents born in the early 1900’s and any family in their tree that you may be able to find or info.   Thank you!    Kelly

native genealogy | Kahnawake This is a record from the registers of the Methodist Church of Caughnawaga, of the marriage of Peter Delisle (ironworker) and Agnes Blue on November 7th, 1927.

Another interesting record which might connect to your lineage is that of an Agnes Blue Wahientha, widow of Jean Baptiste Soronhiaa who died On May 23rd, 1935. This record is from the St-Francoix-Xavier Catholic parish.

Iroquois Mohawk Genealogy

If we look to the 1911 census for what the government called “Sault St.Louis Indian Reserve”, we find two Bleue households, as well as a Dailleboust household with a little girl named Agnes Bleue.

Bleue Household 1

7 333 Bleue Louis M Son S Dec 1901 1 1901
8 333 Bleue Agnès F Mother W May 1866 45 1901
9 333 Bleue Thomas M Brother S Dec 1885 25 1901

Bleue Household 2

2 333 Bleue Joseph M Head M Sep 1888 22 1901
3 333 Bleue Agathe F Wife M Mar 1884 27 1901

Bleue Household 3

33 449 Daillebout Pierre M Head M Dec 1874 36 1901
34 449 Daillebout Marie F Wife M Apr 1887 24 1901
35 449 Daillebout Ignace M Son S Apr 1898 12 1901
36 449 Daillebout Napoléon M Son S Sep 1903 7 1901
37 449 Blëue Agnès F Belle-fille S Jan 1908 3 1901
38 449 Daillebout Jacques M Son S Jul 1910 11/12 1901
39 449 Daillebout Anne F Daughter S Jul 1896 14 1901

A Delisle Household

This may be your Peter as the marriage certificate says that his father was Louis Delisle.

5 517 Delisle Louis M Head M Aug 1857 53 1901
6 517 Delisle Agnès F Wife M Dec 1857 53 1901
7 517 Delisle Joseph M Son S Dec 1885 25 1901
8 517 Delisle Jean Baptiste M Son S Aug 1890 20 1901
9 517 Delisle Janaec M Son S Mar 1894 17 1901
10 517 Delisle Louise F Daughter S Dec 1899 11 1901
11 517 Delisle Pierre M Son S Mar 1901 10

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  1. My mom grew up with
    Mike Delisle and I think the Horns were
    her cousins. Her family name is Deerfoot. Look at the late 1800 to early 1900 census, you will see the names you are looking for.


    Comment by Jean (Deerfoot) Kraus | December 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Hello Jean,
      Thanks for your additional information. I haven’t heard back from Kelly yet but when I do I’ll make sure she sees your comment and will add the earlier information.
      Happy holidays 🙂


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | December 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thank you for the information Evelyn…I am still researching some of what you have posted above….the family is part there in the 1910 census…any other census dates available….Caughnawaga was the reservation name as far as I know but now spelled Kahnawake…
    the marriage paper above is definately them because the date and people are all correct…..the other one i am still not sure of…

    and Jean…..Deer, Horn, was in our family……i never heard the name deerfoot……where do i find the census web site and where did you link to this info…..so i can take a peek……ty so much for the info,

    Note from Evelyn: Information sent by email


    Comment by kelly | December 25, 2012 | Reply

  3. I am still finding much info…Pierre aka Peter Daillebout later changed his last name to Horn / Horne due to so many people with the name Daillebout…he was my Great Grandmas second husband due to losing her first husband in the building of the Quebec bridge in 1907….my gramdma his daughter was born jan. 1908 and never knew her daddy…..Peter later took her on as his own…any other info. you can find would be awesome…..my great grandpa is Louise Ronwarhare Delisle and married Agnes Konawasenek:ha White any info. on them would be greatly apreciated


    Comment by Kelly | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  4. Angus Kahnwanoron Blue was my grandma’s daddys name who dies in August 1907 before she was born in 1908 while building the Quebec bridge that collapsed. His wife my great grandma was Mary aka Marie Kaleokinema Delisle later to become a Horne


    Comment by Kelly | December 30, 2012 | Reply

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