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French Canadian Pioneers: The Pelletiers of Quebec

Guillaume Pelletier / Gobloteur |Michelle Mabille
February `12th, 1619, Tourouvre (St-Aubin)

[Occ. coal merchant]
Jean Pelletier / Gobloteur | Anne Langlois
November 9th, 1649, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


 Leonard Pelletier / Bellefleur | Marie-Madeleine Delasse
November 7th, 1757, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military,t roupes de Montcalm, Languedoc, d’Aiguebelle]
Louis Pelletier / Sansoucy | Marie-Josephe Cecire
October 29th, 1742, Lachine

[Occ. military, troupes de la Marine, Saint-Ours]
Louis Pelletier |Marie-Josephe Malboeuf
April 14th, 1760, Trois-Rivieres

[Occ. troupes de la Marine, Volunteer]
Nicolas Pelletier | Jeanne de Vouzy
Around 1632, Gallardon

[Occ. carpenter]
Pierre Pelletier | Francoise Louchet dit Richard
December 10th, 1671, Quebec

[Occ. servant]

Pierre-Guillaume Pelletier / Bruneau | Marie-Elisabeth Morin dit Chenevert
January 30th, 1758, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. merchant]

Mathurin Renaut (Renaud) | Marie Pelletier 
October 7th, 1669, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

Marie was a Fille du Roi.

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  1. Nicolas Pelletier | Jeanne de Vouzy
    Around 1632
    These are my ancestors.. I decend from the Antaya line of this Pelletier family. Is it probably that there line from one of their sons (Nicholas Antaya-changes his name) never inter-married with the Indigenous people of Canda. Can you help me here.


    Comment by Diane Clare (Antaya) | October 3, 2016 | Reply

    • 190 François Pelletier dit Antaya (1635-1688) prominent coureur de bois/voyageur pays d’en haut ; 1st wife was Tadoussac Montagnais; 2nd m. to #191 in Sillery, where governor of Nouvelle France was godfather to his daughter, #95; 3 sons in fur trade. (Garneau says he´s métis; Archange calls sister métisse.) Brother, Nicolas, married 3 ranking Montagnais women in succession, may have accompanied Albanel S.J. to Hudson Bay. Brother Jean, m. M. Genevieve Manovely, killed by Iroquois 1692 in Sorel, sister Marie in 2nd marriage with Denis Jean dit Denis. #190, #191 in Louis Riel métis family tree.
      191 Marguerite Madeleine Morisseau/Mauriceau (~1639-1707) undocumented fille à marier (1st m. to Chs. Durand ?), 2nd m. to #190. Sold booze to natives, obtained congé license to pays d’en haut 1688, launched expedition to retrieve deceased voyageur #190’s gear, beaver pelts, outfitted 3 of their sons in fur trade, remarried to ? Terse 1707 s. certificate Québec Hȏtel de Dieu went unsigned by any priest.

      380 Nicolas Pelletier (1590-1679) likely in Champlain/de Mons Acadie colony; Métis children in fur trade, lived among natives. FO certificate #243216 makes him born 1596 as one of 12 kids in a family at Gallardon, Fr.. D. Garneau suspects #380 part Montagnais. Louis Riel’s Pelletier ancestor; maybe also Leonard Peltier’s (U.S. political prisoner since AIM Wounded Knee gunfight).
      381 Jeanne du Roussy (de Voizy(Vouzy) (~1622-~1689) d’origine inconnue; Hubert/Savard suggests Mi’kmaq, Port Royal, Acadie (approx. b. & s. dates per Hubert/Savard Algonquins de Trois-Rivières, pp. 38, 46). Sold booze to natives, fined. Fichier Origine certificate #243216 finds no marriage to #380.


      Comment by E. Roby | October 12, 2016 | Reply

      • Wow this is great! I am working my way through your comment to understand clearly. How are these numbers assigned – # 380 # 390 originate. Also what is a Fichier Origine certificate number. Thanks so very much for helping me here. I am wondering where I can get the refrences for this material and perhaps study more of this history. I have been searching for this type of documentation for a long time. If you can not directly help me… could you direct me to some reference sources. Is there anyone who you could recommend that I employ to document my early family enough to demonstrate that we are not a lineage of french only people. I know about our original french couple #380 and #381 Nicolas and Jeanne de Vouzy) coming to Canada together around 1632-35. Information I have states they were married in France. However this information looks like #381 was already here in Canada. Is – Hubert/Savard the source of some information data.
        Thanks so very much .. I have been trying to work this out by myself and you have helped me more than anyone else so far. It makes sense!
        Diane CLare (Anyaya)


        Comment by Diane Clare (Antaya) | October 17, 2016 | Reply

        • I am unsure what references I can get to search these areas myself. I want to know how my Antaya family connected and built families with our Canadian Indigenous people. Perhaps the Jesuit records. When my mother (Antaya) visited Temiskaming in about 1917 she mentions a colony accessible by boat and many horses on the property etc. I just can not find more accurate info.
          Can you direct me to some resources please. You have been the best help so far. Thanks Diane CLare (Antaya)


          Comment by Diane Clare (Antaya) | November 28, 2016 | Reply

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