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Inquiry regarding Harriet and Mollie Mumlow and Martin Olson

Note from Evelyn: I am presently recovering files from a computer that crashed sometime ago. I found this draft post but no longer have the original email (?) inquiry or other information so I am posting it here in case the individual is still researching this topic.



My name is Kay Olson,
My Grandmother and her sister were 1/2 French Canadian (father) and a native Canadian Indian (mother).

Their names were Harriet and Mollie Mumlow.(Born around 1871 or before. I don’t know?) She was 96 when she died in 1967.

The story goes that the whole family set out from Quebec,Canada? in a covered wagon to get to Louisiana for some, free bottom land grant by the US Govt.

They got to LA and got the land and homesteaded) until they were burned out.

So, they had to return north towards Illinois via (Kingman, KS) where the family left them both behind to work as Indentured Servants to pay a debt to some farmer or hotel owner.

The first un-dated photos I have of them are around 1880 when they truned 17/18 and were free and they both had their photos taken in Kingman, KS..

Several years ago someone found a lot of info about them AFTER THIS. But I was not interested in that.

I am interested in finding their Real Tribal background and tribe if possible?

I saw the TV Progran about Kahnawake and it mentioned that many
French Canadians intermarried with native ladies.

My Grandmother spoke French and told us that she was from Quebec and some of the Elder ladies I saw on the TV looked just like her!

After she married my Grandfather Martin Olson from Malmo, Sweden. That she met while she and Mollie worked as “Harvey Girls” for the Santa Fe Railroad. (He was a Chef on the Train) and they had 10 kids.

Also a Big Surprise!

Where my father and his 2 brothers and sister were born!

This is too much of a considence not to have some bearing on our search!

I beleive my grandmother Harriet must have been born around 1863
Mollie maybe a year or more or less??

Anybody with any information please e-mail me at KCOENTEPER@AOL.COM

Many thanks, My brother is sick and 85 years old and before he dies I would like to tell him that I found our and Grandma’s family!
K. Olson , NY

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