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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

Newspaper articles and various documents  have always been a rich source of data for family historians and genealogists. For those researching their Aboriginal roots (or local histories) they are particularly useful because they frequently include surname variations which can then help us when combing through traditional genealogical sources such as church and census records. This is an index – in chronological order – of extracts from a variety of resources that I’ve run across while researching topics related to Kahnawak:ke. Many were originally extracted from Google Newspaper Archives which are no longer easily accessible.

Note: These documents are from non-Native sources, thus they frequently reflect the prejudices, patronizing attitudes, misunderstandings or different world-views of those who were not  from Kahnawà:ke.




The Conversion of the Oka Indians (1877) | Kanenrakenhiate, Morrison, Mercier, Dougall, de Laronde, Matthewson, Rivet  New April 2017

Expulsion Of The Whites From The Indian Reserve (1878) | Surnames: Dawes, Giroux, Laurier, Meloche, Poirier

The Caughnawaga Troubles (1878) | Surnames: Meloche, Jones, Lecuyer, Deblois, Lafleur, Desparaois, Perras, Therrien, Plante, Cardinal, Giroux, sr., Trudeau, Boulrice, Champagne, Giroux, jr., Duranceau


White Farmers in Caughnawaga (1880) | Surnames: Beauvais, Delisle, DeLormer, Jocks, Murray, Williams

White Settlers In Caughnawaga | Sir John A. Macdonald via Indian Affairs (1880) | Surname: DeLorimier

News of Chief Joseph’s Death (1881)  New April 2017

Marriage of Grand Chief Jocks to Miss Josephine Marlin (1882) |Surnames: Jocks, Marlin  

A WEDDING AT CAUGHNAWAGA (1882) | Surnames: Jacob, Burtin, Jamieson, Jacks, Jackson, Murray, Laurance  New April 2017

The Caughnawaga Ploughing Match (1883) | Surnames: Tehoniataronwe, Montour, Jocks, Sky, Phillips, Daillebout, Patton, DeLorimier, Leaf  New April 2017

The Caughnawaga School (1883) | Surnames: Fletcher  New April 2017

Caughnawaga Indians Join The Circus (1883) | Surnames: Barnes 

A Canadian Voyageur Drowned In The Nile (1884) | Surnames: Captaine Capitaine), Meglund

Grand Chief Louis Morris, Itiaorakaron (1885) | Surnames: Morris  

The Epidemic (1885) | Surnames: Pare  New April 2017

Caughnawaga Exhibition (1885)  

Ex-Chief Delisle (1886) | Surnames: De Lisle  

Lachine Rapids Descent (1889) | Surnames: Lazare, Reid, Cross-the-River  New April 2017

Fire At Caughnawaga (1889) | Surnames: Jocks, Murray, Lalonde    New April 2017

Indians Have A Grievance (1898) | Surnames: Two-Canoe  New April 2017


Bribed Three Indians (1896) | Surnames: None  

Caughnawaga Chief To Visit Queen Victoria (1898) | Surname: Tehuhonevake 

Payments For Mail Transportation in Quebec (1890) | Surnames: Desparois, de Lorimier

Political World (1893) | Surnames: none  New April 2017

A Convert Baptised In The Indian Church (1894) | Surnames: Deer, Ononkwatkowa, Forbes

Bribed Three Indians (1896) | Surnames: None 






Extract: Indian Affairs Annual Report (1903) | Surnames: Boucher, Boudras, Bourget, Brosseau, Demers, Dorais, Jacobs, Laberge, Mallette, Mercier, Viau

Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians (1902) | Surname: Sky  New April 2017

VISIT THE INDIANS (1906) | Surnames: Bruyais, Granger, Thanenrison, Twenitaneken, Walworth, Sicotte   New April 2017

Train Crashes Into Station (1909) | Surname: Goodleaf, DeLisle   New April 2017


Lay In Ambush (1911) Surnames: Beaudin, Bourette, Cyr, Jocks, St-Mars

Short On Salaries (1913) | Surname: Jacobs

Caughnawaga Indian Found Dead In Bed (1915) | Surnames: Hemlock, Jolicoeur

Caughnawaga Teachers (1918) | Surnames: Beaudin, Beauvais, Doherty, Regis, Thomson

Indian Chief Considers Military Act Unfair (1918) | Surnames: Delisle, Scar Face Bear, White Cloud  


Picnic At Caughnawaga (1923) | Surnames: Kentaratiron,Two Axe

Caughnawaga Council – Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected (1924) | Surnames: Albany, Canadian, Phillips, Norton, DeLisle, Montour, Lacombe, Jacobs, Beauvais

Mayor Beauvais Dead (1927) | Surnames: Beauvais, Maloney, Stacey

Defect in Steering Wheel (1928) | Surnames: Lefort, Lazarre  New April 2017


Indian Dead On Tracks (1930) | Surnames: Diabo, Dorais, Jocks, Prince

Motoring Accident Has Fatal Issue (1930) | Surnames: Jocks, Latour  

Angus Skye, 16 of Caughnawaga, Drowned While Cycling Home (1930) | Surnames: Skye, White, Deer, Jocks

Many Seek Honors (1931) | Surnames: Delisle, Jacobs, Jocks, Johns, Lacombe, Lawrence, Martin, McComber, Paul, Standup, Skye, Williams  Newly indexed

Runaway Is Found (1931) | Surnames: Delisle, Jocks, Rice

Dark Angel Visits Caughnawaga With Tidings of Chief White Cloud’s Death (1931) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian/Canadien, Jocks   

Pair Celebrates Golden Wedding (1932) | Surnames: Delisle, Patton  

Identification Is Held Insufficent (1932) | Surnames: Beauvais, Boudrias, de Lorimier, Poirier

CAUGHNAWAGA TO BE EN-FETE TODAY (1932) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian, Tosini  

Man’s Strange Disappearance 15 Years Ago Linked With Discovery (1933) | Surnames: Decaire (Dicaire), Goodleaf, Fontaine, Jargaille, Jocks, Lasnier, Mayo, Robertson

Chief’s Widow to Fight Extradition (1933) | Surnames: Canadian, Crankshaw, Delisle, Phillips, Tosini  

Chief John Jocks Near Anniversary (1934) Surnames: Bouchard, Jocks, Lacouture, Letourneau, Palmer, Two Axe

Indian Drowns In Peculiar Manner (1934) | Surname: Delaronde, Jocks

Indian Consecrated (1934) | Surname: Jacobs

Gets Damages For Slip On Tramway (1935) | Surname: Jacobs  

Indians on Warpath (1935) | Surnames: Boyer, Jacobs

Visits To Caughnawaga Schools (1935) | Surnames: Westcott 

Indian To Marry In This City Today (1936) | Surnames: Jacobs, Snow  

John Canadian, Obituary (1936) | Surnames: Canadian,French, Jacobs, Filiatrault, Robin, Jodoin, Newell  New April 2017

John Canadian, Obituary (1936) | Surnames: Canadian,French, Jacobs, Filiatrault, Robin, Jodoin, Newell  New April 2017

Car Hits Man, Goes On (1938) | Surnames: Hebert, Whitebean

Iroquois Decry Paleface Rule (1938) | Surnames: Delisle, Garlow  

Workman Is Killed At International Bridge (1938) | Surname: Steacy (Stacey)  

Caughnawaga Farmer Held For Firing Pistol (1938) | Brasseur, Gordon, Jocks


Man, Wife Rescued During Hotel Fire (1940) | Surnames: Canadian, Dumas, Pare, Roche, Tosini

Land Seizure Quashed (1940) | Surnames: Cross, Diabo, Rice  

Four Persons Injured (1941) | Surnames: Diabo, Jocks, Martel, Poirier

Indian’s Death Accidental (1941) | Surnames: Stacey

Chief Red Eagle Dies in 48th Year (1941) | Surnames: Beauvais, Kan-at-ak-ien-iate, Stacey

Caughnawaga Debates Merits of Three Candidates for Grand Chief’s Post (1941) | Delisle, Diabo, Williams, Woodland

Lady Roddick’s Poetry On Her Indian Friends (1942)

New April 2017

Man Injured As Car Overturns (1943) | Surnames: Snow, Stalk  

Veterans Return From War Front (1944) | Surname: Jacobs

Sales Tax Case Against Indians Hinges on Quebec-Federal Powers (1944) | Surname: Williams   New April 2017

Iroquois Indians To Observe Centenary (1945) Surnames: Bernard, Tonsahoten

Indian Bazaar Slated (1946) | Surname: Poking Fire   New April 2017

Chief Poking Fire Has Pow-wow To Proclaim Coming Festivities (1948) 

Past And Future Meet in Caughnawa (1949) | Surnames: Beauvais, Bechard, Bernier, Jacobs, Karhaienton, Lalonde, Piche, Tekakwitha


Indians Camped On Delaware River Wear Plastic Helmet Headdresses (1950) | Surnames: Montour 

Quebec Indians Seize Sports Show Spotlight | (1952) | Surnames: Deer (?)

Drowning Near The Mercier Bridge (1953) | Surname: Diabo

Chief Poking Fire Pokes – But Only Ashes Left (1954)  

New Council Elected At Caughnawaga (1958) | Surnames: Albany, Beauvais, Deer, Lazare, Marquis, Woodlands

1960s and later

Bantas Sink Roots In Bourbon County (1980) Surnames: Banta, Hemlock

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