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Index: They Passed Through Kahnawà:ke

This is an index of posts relating to people of primarily European descent who have lived temporarily in Kahnawake as well as couples where one spouse was not a Mohawk.


Beaudin, Osias & Bourdeau, Louise

Bellefleur, Emile and Boucher, Josephine

Bougie, Edouard and Anctil. Juliette  NEW!

Boudrias, Antoine and Bourget, Marie Mathilde

Bourget, Pierre & Laberge, Adeline

Belanger, Joseph Belanger & Mallette, Delvica

Beaulieu, Aurele & Varin,  Marie Rollande

Brault, Anastas, & Cabana, Germaine   NEW!

Chartrand, Onias & Sabourin, Emma

Desgrosseilliers, Victor and Duranceau, Albertine  

Dorais, Alexandre Theodore & Duranceau, Victorine

Dubuc, Napoleon and Duranceau, Marie Angelina | They Passed Through Kahnawake  

Duranceau, Adelard & Brosseau, Maria

Duranceau, Alexandre and Farinault, Alphonsine Euphrosine

Duquette, Jean Baptiste & Viau, Virgine

Duquettes in Caughnawaga – a farmer and a blacksmith

Duquettes in Caughnawaga  (Disaster Strikes!)

Favreau, Adelard &  Rainey, Margaret

Of Mounties and Caughnawaga  (2)

Lost and Found (3)

Ferroni, Anita – Memories of Caughnawaga

Forbes, John & Leger, Octavie

Gatien, Moise & Dailleboust Anne  NEW!

Gelineau, Arthur &  Boyer, Marie Louise  

Gervais, Joseph and Lemire, Corona  NEW!

Horning, William Edouard & Canadien, Emma

Laberge, Philorum  & Malette, Marie Aglae  

Lafleur David & Lafleur Henriette, Stephen & Perras, Louise  

Laramee, Joseph & Boudrias, Philomene –  Laramee, Alphonse &  Guerin, Victoria

Lefebvre, Louis and Poirier, Rebecca

Marchand, Charles & Monette, Clarinda  

Oronhiakethe Phillips , Pierre  &  Dubuc, Marie Rosine

Page, Sylvio & Lemire, Florina

Perras, Hormidas & McComber Mathilda

Perron, Arsene and Goyet, M.Anna Eudoxie      NEW!

Pinsonneault, Alderic & Demarbre, Alice   

Poirier, Magloire &  Vervais, Evelina

Rufiange, Paul & daughter  Rufiange, Marie Rose Rosanilda 

Sambault, Wilfrid & Lefebvfre Marie Laura 

St-Cyr, Pierre and Desjardins, Clara  

Thurston, Samuel & Charlebois, Mathilde

Viau,  Alexis &  Guerin, Theotiste

Vigneault, Lucien & Turbide, Edesse 

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  1. On the web I see the name Toussaint Brazeau 1789 ‘ Brosseau, married 1811 to Marguerite-Josephe Rapidieux 1761 I cannot find the name once I am in the data. They were married in Pierrefonds. Marguerite was native. Did they have a native name? I do not think that Toussaint was Native.

    Comment by Micheline Castonguay | March 2, 2016 | Reply

  2. Still have not found Toussaint Brazeau Brosseau 1789 and Rapidieux dit Lamer Marguerite-Josephte 1791 that is mentioned on your web page.

    Have you ever heard of family Lorrain 1888, St-EUSTACHE qc or Ladouceur dit LaMageleine Métis? possible before 1888

    Do you know of any documents where natives needed to identify in 1750 to 1900.

    Thank you,


    Comment by Micheline Castonguay | March 4, 2016 | Reply

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