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Lay In Ambush (1911) Surnames: Beaudin, Bourette, Cyr, Jocks, St-Mars

Surnames: Beaudin, Jocks

Lay In Ambush

Montreal Officers Arrest Desperate Character

MONTREAL, Aug.18 – At large for the last twelve months, after having escaped from the asylum, Osias Beaudin, charged with having poisoned cattle belonging to Pierce Bourette, at the Caughnawaga Reserve, was arrested last night at St. Agnes de Dundee by High Constable St. Mars, and Deputy Constable Cyr.  The accused will be brought before the court of sessions Thursday for trial.

Beaudin who was condemned to two years in the penitentiary, on the charge of having attempted to murder chief Jocks, of the Indian reserve, in 1893, is declared by the police to be a desperate character.

When he was arrested for having tried to cut the chief’s head open with an ax, he resisted strenuously, and it took three men to subdue him and prevent him killing those charged with taking hm into custody.

The second time he was arrested on a charge of having poisoned his neighbor’s cattle.

Last night about 9.30, in order to prevent an bloodshed, the officers waited for the accused in the woods near his home at the side of the path where they knew he would pass, and they succeeded in putting the handcuffs on him before he could offer any resistance.

Source: The Toronto World, August 19th, 1911

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