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Reader Query: Saucier Connections to Kahnawake?

Eglise St-AnicetMessages from Ashleigh

1.. Anyone have any on the Saucier tree?  2.  …..  I have been doing ancestry research like crazy, my fiancee’s family are native american, his grandparents and his father are all full blooded, they are Mohawk. His grandfather & great grandfather and their families lived there. My fiancee’s mother’s side I know aren’t Mohawk, they are Blackfoot (Picard’s), so I’m mainly focusing on finding the records from the reservation or finding anything that can help show proof of residency from his grandparents and great grandparents. I do have the ancestry tree practically done, and do know even your last name I have seen in there through marriage. Thank you for replying, hope this help.  3.  My fiancees grandfather was raised there as a kid, his name was Raoul Joseph Stanislas Saucier (1908-1973). His father owned the land, his parents names were: ‘Alfred’ Raphael Alexis Alfred Saucier (1883-1963) & Azilda Cartier (1885).  My fiancee’s family’s surnames were: Gregoire, Saucier, Laframboise & Picard.

Information from Evelyn

 1. I’ve never come across these Sauciers in Kahnawake and the census documents up to 1911 show them in Huntingdon County.

2.  As they were French Canadians (according to the census) they could not have owned land in Kahnawake. It is possible that they leased land for awhile in between the 1901 and 1911 census – or possibly after 1911. The Canadian census for 1921 will be out this year and you could check that as well.

3.  Huntingdon is close to Chateauguay, New York. Is there any chance that there’s a connection there?

4.  Saucier Lineage:

Alfred Saucier (son of Raphael Saucier and Archange Leblanc) married Azilda Cartier (daughter of Emilien Cartier and Marie Langlois) on June 26th, 1906 in St-Anicet (Huntingdon) Quebec.

Raphael Saucier (son of Abraham Saucier and Catherine Caza) married Archange Leblanc (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Leblanc and Apolline Bercier) in St-Anicet (Huntingdon) Quebec on February 5th, 1883.

Abraham Saucier (son of Regis Saucier and Marie Dancause) married Catherine Caza (daughter of Antoine Caza and Marie-Anne Desrochers) on April 13th, 1858 in St-Anicet (Huntingdon) Quebecc.

Francois-Regis Saucier (son of Louis Saucier and Magdelaine Derosier) married Marie Dancosse (daughter of Jean-Marie Dancosse and Marie Josephte Fortin on January 30th, 1815 in St-Antoine-de-Padoue Parish in Louiseville (Maskinonge) Quebec.

5. These Sauciers in the 1911 census:

Alfred Saucier


Azilda Cartier, Raoul and Romeo Saucier


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  1. Interesting how our ancestors could not own land in some areas. I have sent a couple of emails also about postcards, Evelyn.


    Comment by Peter Lagasse | August 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. I am from Saucer family on my dads side. They came from Canada to St Regis Falls, Franklin county New York!


    Comment by Lynda Christian Quig | February 8, 2021 | Reply

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