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Query:  My name is Alan Hodkin and I am from Montreal, Quebec. I have just sent a message to Brian Hodkin but his email address is no longer active. I have found out about this relative of mine through  genforum.genealogy.com and you have been answering to him about his researches in 2008. Have you kept in touch with him. I’m living in Montreal and I’m also French speaking. Could you help me.

The picture that you see is the house on the 125 Argyle street in Verdun. From right to left, you will find William Herbert Hodkin, Jennie, Fred, Florence (or Floraise) and my grand-father, Georges.

New Brunswick Quebec, William Herbert Hodkin, Florence Hodkin, Brian Hodkin

Reply: I don’t have any way of contacting Brian Hodkin however I am reposting the original correspondence in the hopes that Brian will come across it.



I am a great grandson of William Hodkin who was born in England and resided in Quebec in the early 1900’s.

The latest info I have is the following.

He was a 41 year employee of Birk’s and Sons. I have a photo of him at his work bench. Unfortunately it was a shot from behind and to one side.

I am looking for more information as I have very little about him. His son ( my grandfather was Herbert Hodkin ) he lived in BC till his death in the 1970’s. His son( my father) was named same as his grandfather. My father is still alive and recently celebrated his 75th birthday.

Thanks for all possible answers to my inquires. Brian Hodkin

I believe this is your family in the 1911 census:

Hodkin Wm., Floraise, Grace, Herbert, Jennie.
Canada Census 1911
Home page: http://automatedgenealogy.com/census11/
Hodkin family record:
Good evening,
If you follow this link to the exact page:


you will see the words ‘split view’ at the top.
When the page opens, magnify it to 100% (tab at top middle of page).
Scroll down to line 26 for Wm Hodkin, and then scroll over to the right.
After the column for the birthday, there is a column for country of birth, then a date. That is the date of immigration to Canada.
The headings at the top of the page are hard to read – I find I have to magnify 125% (but that’s 50 yrs.+ eyes for you!).
Evelyn in Montreal

thanks evelyn

my 45 plus year eyes thank you.

now on to figuring out his death.    Brian Hodkin

Deaths are a little harder to find – especially when they are recent and especially when they’re not Catholic.
What I would do now if I were you would be to post at a regional Rootsweb board with the hard information you have about his addresses, and the marriage information and religion. Put ‘Anglican death-burial’ information sought in the subject line.
If you post at the Montreal board there’s a good chance someone will eventually see your posting.
Link to Rootsweb Boards:

Link to Rootsweb Montreal Board:

Evelyn in Montreal

I got more info .

He is buried at Mount-Royal Cemetery (could be Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery in east end of Montreal, part of the Mt. Royal Comm. Services, see their site)

FLORENCE HODKIN (12/07/1960)

thanks for all your assistance


I discovered the time of my great grandfather death. The lovell directory shows him in 1956 but in 1957 it lists his wife as the wid wm which we are guessing is widow of william. .

We also appear to see two families during the time he lived in Montreal.


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December 29, 2013 - Posted by | . |


  1. I am researching the Webster Family Tree for my brother in law and Gertrude Elizabeth Webster was Herbert Hodkin’s mother she married William Herbert Hodkin on the 5th April 1890 at the parish church in Goole Yorkshire. I have other information regarding other children and Williams service records just e-mail me and I will send all I have got. I am also curious as to who Florence is as in 1901 Gertrude with children listed in UK census as Widow?


    Comment by Colin Simpkin | February 26, 2014 | Reply

    • Great! I finally get somebody to answer me back! Here is the information I have about Gertrude Elizabeth Webster. She had two childrens with William Herbert Hodkin: Herbert William born in 1897 and Grace, born in 1899. The two children came to Canada with their father in 1903. They lived in Montreal, Québec. William Herbert Hodkin was a sargeant in the British army. He fought in the Boer war between October 1899 an May1900. He was born on January 8th in 1868 and lived at 143 Hill St. in Sheffield. He was a silversmith and worked at Birks, in Montréal, for more than 40 years.
      Florence Panes was born on March 3rd 1872 in Bristol. She had three childrens with William Herbert Hodkin: Jennie, born in 1912, George, wich is my grand-father, born in 1912 and Frederick, probably born in 1916. What happened with William Herbert Hodkin’s first wife? Why did he leave England for Canada? Florence Panes and William Herbert Hodkin both died in the fifties. My grand-father died in 1986. His sister, Jennie, died in 1976 and Frederick died in 2000 if I’m not wrong.
      I’m very impatient to read what you know about my relatives. Thank you very much.
      Al Hodkin


      Comment by Al Hodkin | March 3, 2014 | Reply

      • Hi My name is Darryl Hodkin, who is the one that is researching The HODKIN family tree.
        Please email me at dhodkin@mymts.net


        Comment by Darryl | March 14, 2014 | Reply

  2. William Herbert Hodkin and Gertrude Elizabeth Webster had 5 children,
    Rose Alice Hodkin b. 22 Jan 1891 in Sheffield
    Gerty Phyllis Hodkin b. 2nd Mar 1893 d. Sept 1894
    William Herbert Hodkin b. 9 Jul 1895 Sheffield
    May Hodkin b. 2 May 1898 Sheffield
    Herbert William Hodkin b. 12 Dec 1899 Sheffield
    William came over on his own on the 30th April 1903 on the steamship IONIAN
    his children all four followed on the 11 August 1904 on the steamship TUNISIAN with Williams brother Arthur’s wife Annie (Arthur already in Canada on 29th Oct 1903) on the steamship Tunisian. (Source for Emigation Canadian Passenger lists 1881-1922). Hence the two families mentioned.
    Rose Alice Hodkin married about 1910 William George Brammell b. 1st Apr 1890 Montreal
    two children
    George William Brammall b. 18th Oct 1912 Edmonton, Alberta
    Alice Brammall b. 1916 Edmonton Alberta
    Rose died 19th May 1958 Millards Creek, Island Highway British Columbia
    William Herbert Hodkin b. 1895 I haven’t been able to trace him as yet
    May Hodkin b. 1898 I have only traced her to 1911 Canadian Census working as a domestic in the Hochelaga District in Quebec
    Herbert lied about his age on joining up gave birth date as 1898 not 1899 occupation Cook living at 119 Mountain Street, Montreal father living at 125 Argyll Ave, Montreal Herbert 5ft 7 1/2 inches tall, girth fully expanded 34 inches expansion, 4 inches, Fair complexion, Brown eyes, Brown Hair. Date of enlistment 31st Jan 1917 256th (O.S.) Railway Construction Battalion C.E.F.
    On the 1911 Canadian Census it shows William and Florence with children GRACE b. 1897 England, and Herbert b. 1899. What Happened to Grace ?
    Gertrude Elizabeth Webster in the 1901 english census she is listed as widow with all four children living at 46 Carter Place, now William joined the Army on the 5th March 1901 and the census was taken on the 31st March 1901 why she is listed as Widow who knows.
    William discharged from Army on 30th Aug 1902 his service documents lists as address on discharge as 146 Lansdown Road,, Sheffield but there is another note added later giving address as 160 Lusignam Street, Montreal according to the Street Index this house was in the occupation of a John Halday (Haldane) right through to the 1920’s
    Now it gets even better Gertrude is listed in another Family tree as the mother of a Samuel Tom Barton b. 30th Jul 1903 Gorton Lancashire in fact Gertrude marries a Samuel Tom Barton (the Father) in Jul of 1914 in Chorlton Lancashire. Gertrude died in 1947 in Manchester, England. Samuel Tom Barton b. 1903 died in 1975 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
    I have asked the tree originator for confirmation of Samuel Toms mother but no reply as yet.
    The 1911 English census has Samuel Tom Barton b. 1863 Bath Somerset with a wife Elizabeth married 21 Years(1890) and son Samuel Tom. I am still trying to unravel the Barton/Hodkin/Webster side. Will let you know how I get on.
    Now also tracing Florence Panes more out of curiosity as she does not affect the Webster family Tree I am currently researching.
    Need an Email address to send relevant documents to you.


    Comment by Colin Simpkin | March 7, 2014 | Reply

    • Here’s my email address: alan_hodkin@hotmail.com

      I have one picture of William Herbert Hodkin taken in 1894 while he was in the army. I will send it to you.

      What a coincidence about Samuel Tom Barton who died in 1975: George Hodkin, my grand-father, married Myrtle Mackenzie wich was from New Brunswick too. They got married in Verdun, Québec, and my father, whose name is also William Hodkin, was born in New Brunswick too. My grand-parents lived in Quebec since 1946, as well as my parents.

      I’m also amazed to learn that there were other childrens in my grand-father’s family: I knew about Herbert and Grace, but not about the others. Could Grace be May? So, Elizabeth Gertrude Webster and William Hodkin had 5 childrens, or 6 if we count Grace. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Grace. William Hodkin and Florence Panes are both burried in Montreal, in the Mount Royal cemetery, as well as their daughter, Jennie. I found out where they were burried last year, it was quite difficult to find because there are no graveyard for them.

      Thank you very much and I impatient to read more about what you know.

      Al Hodkin


      Comment by Al Hodkin | March 7, 2014 | Reply

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