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Caughnawaga Exhibition (1885)

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The third Grand Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition of the Indians at the Caughnawaga Reserve began yesterday, when the judges commenced deciding on the merits of the various exhibits.

The judges were as follows:- Agricultural Department: Messs. R.W. Graham, T. Dawes, H. Brodie, R. Brode, J. Summerville, R. Brodie,jr., Dr. Andres, S.Boulter, R. Jack, J. Tnning.  Fancy work:- Mrs. Walbank, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. J.B. McLea, Mrs. Brodie, Mrs. Pringle, Mrs. Mercer. Beadwork: – Messrs. J.A. Demers, C.C. Holland and J.R. Boyce.

The Exhibition if not quite as large as those of previous years, has exhibits superior to those shown last year, especially among the cattle, sheep, pigs and vegetables. About twenty-five horses are on view, thirty cows, six sheep and some fifteen pigs. Of these animals, the cows show to the least advantage. Of the vegetables and grains, the potatoes, corn and wheat take the palm, some excellent specimens rivalling other exhibitions being on view. Several fine cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkins are of splendid growth. Among the butter exhibited is some equal to any ever shown. Not only is it good in quality, but


has worked it into the most grotesque shapes. One exhibit represents a well sculptured cow and calf in a field; another several vases. The bread, preserves, etc., are improvements on those of last year. The exhibition of lacrosses, snow-shoes etc. is such as can only be seen at Caughnawaga. The beadwork on view is of superior quality. Amongst the exhibits are some handsome lampstands, music cases, pincushions, purses, dresses, etc. etc. Several fine specimens of braid work are also to be seen. The wax-work exhibit is interesting. Several specimens of penmanship are exhibited both in Indian and English, these are of very good quality. There is also a good specimen of freehand drawing.


Among the relics shown are several old tomahawks, pipes of peace of strange and grotesque devices, and wampums of conisderable notoriety. Altogether, the exhibition is one of the greatest interest. Mr. W. McLea Walbank deserves all te praise for the trouble he has taken in promoting the exhibition. The grounds are in excellent condition. The exhibition opened to visitors at nine o’clock this morning, and ends t-morrow evening.


Source: Montreal Daily Witness, Sep 18, 1885



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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