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Caughnawaga Farmer Held For Firing Pistol (1938) | Brasseur, Gordon, Jocks,

Caughnawaga Farmer Held for Firing Pistol

Arraigned yesterday on a charge of discharging a firearm with intent to maim, Fernand Brasseur, 45, of Caughnawaga, was ordered to post a bond of $300 pending preliminary hearing of the case on April 5.

No one was hurt in the alleged shooting affray which took place on the accused’s farm on Friday. Frank Gordon, 65-year-old Indian, whose complaint brought Brasseur before Judge Gustave Marin yesterday, charges that Brasseur fred two shots at him from a .32 calibre revolver when he (Gordon) attempted to collect $150 rental money for the arm.

John K. Jocks, Chief of Police on the Indian Reservation, served the warrant on Brasseur yesterday. He submitted to arrest quietly.

When the accused had failed to pay the sum due for rent two weeks ago, Gordon told police, he visited the farm, which is on the reservation, and was ordered away. He returned last Friday with a new tenant and the shooting allegedly took place when Brasseur refused to vacate the premises.

A second accusation against Brasseur of being in possession of a weapon illegally was denied by the accused. The same bail was ruled sufficient for the two cases by the the judge. The possession charge will be tried on March 5.


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