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Fishermen Make Gruesome Catch (1932) | Surnames: Jacobs, Jock, Lapointe


Body of Man Found in Water Identified as Rosaire Lapointe, Rosemount

Caughnawaga, Que., April 20, –

While fishing near a creek situation beneath the Lachine-Caughnawaga bridge here early this evening, two villagers discovered the body of a man, later identified Rosaire Lapointe, 33 years of age, of 5623 Eighteenth avenue, Rosemount. The body of the Montrealer, who had been missing from his home since last Sunday, was found entangled in the barbed wire of a fence sunk beneath an accumulation of approximately five feet of water, caused by the recent rising of the St. Lawrence River. The body was taken to the morgue in Montreal, where an inquest will be held. The drowned man’s father identified his son at the morgue late tonight.

The discovery was made by two cousins, Louis Jacobs and John Arthur Jacobs, both residents of Caughnawaga. The spot at which the discoery was made is situated at the eastern limits of this village, some 25 yeards from the Montreal-Malone highway. The creek, situated between Maline Island and Caughnawaga, is almost dry int he summer time, but in the spring there is always water in it

Te Jacobs were fishing from a rowboat when they saw the body. With difficulty they managed to extricate the body from its position, and Chief Jocks, head of the Caughnawaga police force, was notified of the discovery.

Following a thorough examination of the scene, Chief John Jocks expressed the opinion that the man, who was later identified as Lapointe, had possibly crossed the Lachine-Caughnawaga bridge on foot, walking beneath the bridge to reach Caughnawaga. Losing his balance he must have fallen into the creek, and becoming entangled in the barbed wire, been drowned.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Apr 21, 1932

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