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Mayor Delisle Is Angry And Resigns (1932) | Surname: Baillargeon, Delisle


Disapproves of Indians’ Decision to Allow Whites to Work on Reservation


Referendum at Caughnawaga Regarding Contractor’s Right to Cart Stones Favors Him

(Special to The Gazette)

Caughnawaga, Que. December 13.-

Angrily stamping his foot on the platform and protesting against white men invading the Indan reservation to work, Peter J. Delisle mayor of this reservation, resigned his post last night as mayor of Caughnawaga. In vehement tones he expressed himself as being dissatisfied with the referendum which was held to night, and at the end of which over 200 Indians voted giving Pacifique Baillargeon, sub-contractor on the Lasalle-Caughnawaga bridge, the right to cart stones on the Indian property, while only two Indians vote against this right. The matter will now be settled by the Department of Indian Affairs at Ottawa with regard to the signing of a contract between the department and Mr. Baillargeon.

It was a week ago today that disputes between the whites and the Indians arose over the construction of the new bridge. The Indians claimed that the motor trucks of Pacifique Baillargeon had no right to cart stone from the Indian property, which was being used for the construction of the bridge. Mayor Delisle learned of this and ordered all work on the Indian reservation to be stopped and advised the Indians to protest. The contractors for the constructin job on the bridge, due to the fact that the delay over the disputes prevented them doing work in good weather ordered all work on the Caughnawaga side of the bridge to cease.

Tonight, when told of the agreement at Caughnawaga, and the result of the referendum, Alban Janin, president of the contracting company which was awarded the contract for building the bridge, stated that the work on the Caughnawaga side would not be — again yet. “We are going to wait until favorable weather next spring,”he said.


At the last meeting of the Caughnawaga councillors the issue was discussed amid heated words. Te Mayor strongly protested against Pacifique Baillargeon carting stones from the quarry at Caughnawaga and employing white men. It was then decided to hold a referendum today.

When notified of the results of the referendum Mayor Delisle went to the public hall where he addressed a group of Indians. After telling those gathered that he would remain true to the Indian custom in refusing to allow the white men to invade the reservation, Mayor Delisle announced that he resigned his post as Mayor of Caughnawaga. The results of the referendum will be sent to the Department of Indian Affairs for settlement.

Questioned tonight as to whether he would continue carting stone on the Indian grounds, Pacifique Baillargeon refused to make any statement. He said that he had heard of the vote but had not yet decided what he was going to do.

Today’s referendum means that the Caughnawaga council has surrendered its rights to the Crown with regard to white men working on the Indian reservation.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Dec 14, 1932

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