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Motoring Accident Has Fatal Issue (1930) | Surnames: Jocks, Latour

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Young man Dies at Caughnawaga as Result of Road Mishap

The body of Georges Latour, 21 years of age, of Caughnawaga, was removed from his home to the morgue yesterday afternoon. Latour, was one of a quintette of victims injured when the motor car in which they were travelling on the highway near Chateauguay overturned several times and was wrecked on October 9 last, died at the Sacred Heart Hospital at Caugnawaga, on Tuesday night.

The accident occurred at a spot situated between Caughnawaga and Chateauguay.

Georges Latour, senior, 48 years of age, was travelling with his son Georges, 21 years of age and two other men, who were seeking employment. These two men had gone to the home of the Latours in Caughnawaga and from there the quartette travelled to Beauharnois by motor car, where they believed they could find jobs.

On their way back to Beauharnois, at 11 o’clock on the night of October 9 for a reason which was not determined, the automobile containing the four men was overturne and wrecked on the highway.

All four occupants were injured in the wreck and the four victims were removed to the hospital, where young Latour died on Tuesday night. Latour senior was seriously injured, and he is being kept under observation at the hospital. The other two victims, whose names were not learned, were sent home after hospital treatment, having escaped with face and leg injuries.

Chief Jocks, of the Caughnawaga police, is investigating the circumstances of the accident. An inquest will be held at the morgue this morning.



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Index: Newspaper Clippings & Other Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke

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