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An Acadian In Caughnawaga: Charles-Gedeon Giasson/Chiasson

It’s not often that I come across an Acadian/Native American line, but while tracing an ascendancy for Patricia (see Reader Query below) I stumbled across an Acadian Chiasson whose line ended in Kahnawa:ke.


BeaubassinI found that the Charles-Gedeon Giasson who settled in Kahnawa:ke was actually from a pioneer Acadian line – the Chiassons. For those who are unaware, the Chiassons were Acadians and Acadians were deported from their homeland when the British conquered eastern Canada. The Chiassons and others  were scattered far-and-wide (including France, the Caribbean, Louisiana) but some also escaped to Quebec (then La Nouvelle France). Here is the line that Charles-Gedeon Giasson descends from.

Pierre Chiasson and Marie Peroche were married in France before 1645.

Guyon Chiasson dit Lavallee married Jeanne Bernard (daughter of  Andre Bernard Chiasson Giasson Lemoyne Marriage Recordand Marie-Andree Guyon) about 1666 in Acadia.

Jean Chiasson married Marie-Anne Lemoyne (daughter of  Jean  Lemoyne and Marie-Anne  Marie-Madeleine Chavigny) in 1697 in Batiscan, Acadia.Chiasson Giasson Hebert Marriage Record - Acadian French-Canadian Genealogy

Jacques-Ignace Giasson married Marie-Angelique Hubert (daughter of Pierre Hubert and Catherine Demers) on April 26th, 1745 in Notre Dame Parish (Montreal).

Giasson Macomber, Acadian Native American GenealogyIgnace Giasson married Marie-Louise de Saguespee (daughter of Amable-
Joachim-Benoit de Saguespee
and Angelique Daillebout) on January 9th, 1792 in Notre-Dame parish in Montreal.
Giasson Macomber Marriage

Charles-Gedeon Giasson married Agathe Macomber (daughter of  Gervais Macomber and Charlotte Capitaine Tsinonra) on February 27th, 1832 in St-Francois-Xavier Parish.

Original Reader Query

Chiasson GenealogyPatricia asked me whether there was a Giasson family tree online as she wanted to trace Charles-Gedeon Giasson’s ancestors.

Hello ~ my side of the Brault family has been Metis since the 1600s and I recently found out my Auntie Agnes Brault married into the Giasson family on Kahnawake. Here is one source: “Charles-Gédéon Giasson et Agathe McComber, de Kahnawake. Charles-Giasson and Agathe McComber married in 1832. They lived in Kahnawake and had many children including Léon-Trefflé Akiohanes Giasson and Napoléon-Antoine Giasson. The first married Agnès Brault in 1886 and the second married Marguerite Meunier dite Lafleur.  …  Actually Marguerite Meunier dit Lafleur is also an Auntie… Anyways, does anyone have a tree on the Giasson family from this area? I’ve been able to find nothing else on them.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons, map and photograph

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  1. Hi did you ever find ur side of ur family… Giassons that is


    Comment by laurs | May 22, 2014 | Reply

    • I have giasson bro brault and a couple of wedding in caughnwaga inmy genealogie.
      Email me to know the details.
      johannegoyette56@ hotmail.com


      Comment by Johanne Goyette | June 10, 2014 | Reply

  2. We have a part of the same genealogie


    Comment by Johanne goyette | June 9, 2014 | Reply

  3. Goyette Marleau Boudrias Giasson Desakepe Dailleboust Delorimier……my mother told me when we were kids dont forget you have indian blood. Hard to find with all the secret they have. If you want more info about my genealogy I have felicite Bro (brault) ne en 1731 You can call me at 514 910 5536


    Comment by Johanne goyette | June 10, 2014 | Reply

  4. Do we have any proof that Marie-Louise de Saguespee (or Desacquespee according to PRDH) is Aboriginal? Like a birth certificate? My husband’s ancestor are Chiasson through his grandmother. Has anyone checked with PRDH to see if they have proof?


    Comment by Denise Blanchard | January 18, 2015 | Reply

  5. Note that Angélique Giasson (daughter of Ignace Giasson and Marie-Louise de Saquespée) also married Gervais Mccomber (his second marriage), whose own daughter married Charles Gédéon Giasson…


    Comment by François Ouellette | September 7, 2016 | Reply

    • Interesting! my name is Mary chiasson name sake of my grandmother. My father was born in Quebec Canada. Andrew G Chiasson.


      Comment by mary chiasson | January 31, 2017 | Reply

  6. Hi Evelyn,
    I have family that links me to the Guyon Chiasson dit Lavallee who married Jeanne Bernard.
    They had 2 daughters if I’m not mistaken. One of which was named Francoise Chiasson, she was sister to her brother named Jean Chiasson who married Marie-Anne Lemoyne.

    I know that the Chiasson were Acadians, however I was wondering if you knew the background of Jeanne Bernard if she was metis or part Native?

    Thank you


    Comment by Flower | December 27, 2019 | Reply

  7. Hi Evelyn,
    Would you happen to have the background of Jeanne Bernard?
    Do you know if she was metis or part Native?

    Thank you,


    Comment by Flower | December 27, 2019 | Reply

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