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A Canadian Voyageur Drowned In The Nile (1884) | Surnames: Captaine/Capitaine, Meglund


A Canadian Voyageur Drowned in the Nile

Cairo, Oct. 31.- A great gloom has been thrown over the party of Canadian voyageurs by the sad death of Louis Captaine. The whale boat, manned by the Canadians, was worked through the Gammel cataracts in fine style, the passage only occupying six minutes. Their success was greeted with hearty cheers from the regulars. Just as the boat got through the rapids, Captaine, while standing up in the boat trying, it is supposed, to change seats with a companion, fell overboard and was swept rapidly away. He was a lusty swimmer and made strong but fruitless efforts to reach the shore.  Life buoys were thrown to him, but none came within his reach. He struggled for a few seconds, when, with a despairing shriek, he suddenly threw up his arms and was carried down the stream and dashed against the rocks. His body was not recovered. The deceased was a Caughnawaga Indian, twenty-eight years of age, and had been engaged by Lord Melgund at Caughnawaga.

Source: The Toronto Daily Mail, Nov. 1, 1884

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