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A Convert Baptised In The Indian Church (1894) | Surnames: Deer, Ononkwatkowa, Forbes

A Convert Baptised In The Indian Church 

A ceremony of great interest to the Caughnawaga tribe – a novelty to all of them – took place Thursday last at Vespers. Mrs. John Ononkwatkowa (big medicine) who bears in English the name of Deer, was received into the Roman Catholic Church. This is the first Protestant, in the memory of the present generation, who was received a convert; the ceremony, witnessed by the tribe, made a great impression. Rev. J.G. Forbes, missionary, assisted by a priest from the Bishop`s palace, Montreal.  Mrs. Deer is a white woman from the States and married to one of the braves.

Midnight Mass at Caughnawaga was more like that of former times. Holy bread was dstributed. The singing in Iroquois by the choir was very well rendered.

Source: The True Witness and Catholic Chronicle, Jan. 3rd, 1894

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